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Mynatt Truck & Equipment Co. Continues to Hire U.S. Veterans!

Mynatt Truck & Equipment Co. Continues to Hire U.S. Veterans!

The upfitting industry has experienced growth in recent years due to the increasing demand for customized vehicles in various sectors. As businesses seek to optimize their operations and tailor their vehicles to specific needs, the services provided by upfitting companies become valuable.

What is Upfitting?

Upfitting is a process of modifying or customizing a vehicle to suit specific needs or requirements. It involves adding or altering equipment, features, or components in a vehicle to enhance its functionality, productivity, or utility. Upfitting is commonly performed on commercial vehicles, such as vans, trucks, or SUVs to optimize them for specific industries or applications.

By upfitting vehicles, businesses (service providers and customers) can optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and ensure that the vehicles are well-suited to their intended purposes. Upfitting companies work closely with customers to understand their requirements and design customized modifications that align with latter's specific needs. 

Veteran Upfitters

Veterans can be excellent upfitters. Veterans are no stranger to experiences in hauling trucks, operating cranes, and maintaining truck-related equipment. Their unique skills, experiences, and qualities gained through military service can translate well into the field of upfitting. Since upfitting requires tailoring vehicles for improved productivity, efficiency, and safety, veterans and their training in following precise procedures, meticulously executing tasks, and maintaining high standards of quality and safety can no doubt make good upfitters.

MTE - Premier Supplier and Upfitter of Truck Mounted Cranes

Mynatt Trucking and Equipment Co. (MTE) is a family owned business. It was first established in 1988 and has grown to become a multi-line distributor covering wide range of trucking products and providing unique solutions - such as upfitting - to a variety of industries. MTE the third largest Palfinger Epsilon upfitter in the world.

Do you think you can become an excellent upfitter, mechanic or hydraulic installer perhaps? 

Upfitted Company Benefits at MTE

MTE's commitment to their customers is tantamount to their commitment to their employees. If you become part of MTE, here are the benefits that you can enjoy:

  • Compensation based on skillset, experience, proficiency, and quality of work
  • Paid personal time off, jury duty pay and attendance awards
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Up to 6% match on employee 401k contributions
  • 50% of employee health premiums
  • 100% of employee life insurance premiums

Palfinger Epsilon

Palfinger Epsilon refers to a specific brand and line of products in the field of hydraulic loading cranes. The name combines two well-known companies: Epsilon and Palfinger.

Palfinger is a global manufacturer of hydraulic lifting and loading systems. They specialize in a wide range of lifting equipment, including truck-mounted cranes, timber and recycling cranes, tail lifts, and container handling systems. Palfinger products are widely used in various industries such as construction, transportation, logistics, waste management, and forestry.

Epsilon, on the other hand, is a brand under the Palfinger Group that focuses specifically on high-performance timber and recycling cranes. Epsilon cranes are designed to handle heavy loads, particularly in industries where timber, recycling, and material handling are primary operations.

Together, Palfinger Epsilon represents a collaboration between these two companies and the product line that incorporates their expertise in hydraulic loading cranes. These cranes are known for their durability, precision, and efficiency in lifting and handling heavy materials. They are commonly mounted on trucks or trailers to provide versatile loading and unloading capabilities in various industries.

Are you curious why Mynatt Truck & Equipment, Co. is ranked 3rd in the WORLD for Epsilon Palfinger Upfitting? Visit their HV Profile HERE to learn more.