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Lodge Lumber Joins HireVeterans!

Lodge Lumber Joins HireVeterans!

Jack Lodge started working in the lumber industry with his brother-in-law in the 1940s. But it was not until the early 1960s that the vision of owning and operating LODGE LUMBER the premier regional provider of high-quality industrial and commercial forest products - was firmly planted in Jack's mind.

Today, the founder's vision has indeed come to life. Starting only with an 8” x 10” building, one forklift, a truck and a pole trailer, Lodge Lumber has grown to become a multi-million dollar distributor of quality forestry products for industrial use in the southern United States.

Now on its third generation of ownership, Lodge Lumber has maintained excellence in service, quality and integrity which has been the guiding principles of the company since the 1940s. With over 80 years in the business, it is an understatement to say that Lodge Lumber has come to learn their clients' needs.

Lodge Lumber understands that each client has specific requirements depending on their product needs; and the company's expertise in the field allows them to step up and deliver according to these unique client specifications or requests. It is this flexibility combined with efficiency and high level of customer service that has led Lodge Lumber to its strategic provider position today. Lodge Lumber also actively trains to keep up-to-date with industry standards, regulations, and trends for adaptability in the ever‐changing marketplace.

Challenge Accepted

At Lodge Lumber, every challenge in the sourcing and distribution of commercial and industrial forestry products is accepted. The company is never afraid to take on the task of delivering expected results no matter its difficulty. Lodge Lumber is home to a comprehensive selection of industrial forestry products for the most ambitious projects. 

Products Include:

  • Industrial Plywood
  • Cut-to-Size Plywood
  • Building Materials
  • Export Compliant Lumber
  • Crating Materials
  • Pile Driving Cushion Blocks
  • Hardwood Timbers
  • Shipping Saddles
  • Lodge Poles
  • Outrigger Pads
  • Custom Products

Healthy Business for a Healthy Environment

Since the bread and butter of the company is tied up with the natural resources, Lodge Lumber understands the environmental responsibility that comes with how they do business. As stewards of the forest, Lodge Lumber is dedicated to operating an environmentally friendly business with the constant aim of minimizing waste and pollution. Some of their efforts include:

  • Use of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles that run on the cleanest burning transportation fuel on the market today.
  • Propagation of ZERO WOOD Waste Facility where scraps are ground to be used further for engineered wood products, landscaping, and liquid waste disposal.



People Powered

Although reliant on wood materials, Lodge Lumber's power does not lie on wood products alone. At the heart of this successful business, are the employees. Despite diverse backgrounds, the Lodge Lumber team is united by the common goal of putting customers first.

Similar to the very nature of its business, Lodge Lumber treats every staff as part of the family. Lodge and Lumber encourages their staff, helps them through crises and difficulties, and cares for their welfares. This explains why several members have been with the team for over a decade.

Do you want to be part of this successful and responsible forestry products distribution family? 

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