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Level D&I Solutions Joins HireVeterans!

Level D&I Solutions Joins HireVeterans!

Level D&I Solutions is a minority- and woman-owned organization dedicated to creating equitable workplaces and providing resources for underrepresented groups in business. With their minds set to the bright and all embracing future of recruitment and staffing, LEVEL has realized early on the importance of creating change through "DIVERSITY-FIRST" services.

Although still young (established in 2019), Level D&I Solutions has stood the test of the global pandemic. Even before COVID-19 hit, LEVEL has already believed that a company's success lies in its ability to welcome the differences of their staff and maintain an INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT. This is how LEVEL stood its ground in the staffing and recruitment business while majority of the world battled increasing unemployment rates. 

What's the secret?

It's a no brainer -- LEVEL understands that by enabling their clients to employ and retain diverse talents and by improving working conditions for the underrepresented groups within organizations, they push both clients and employees to their maximum business potentials. 


"Leveling the Playing Field" through Diversity Hiring

LEVEL offers Executive Search and Direct Hire services to improve their client's earning potential, creativity, and company culture.

On the recruitment side, they have hiring opportunities with a wide range of job arenas, like manufacturing industry, telecommunications industry, IT business consultancy, and so many more! 

Cultural Alignment (Trainings & Surveys)

LEVEL is built around the concept of ALWAYS ensuring cultural alignment through recurring employee engagement surveys and targeted training series around Conflict Resolution, Unconscious Bias, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, etc.

When the executives' minds align with the ground-level workers, any business can run like an efficient and interconnected gear. There will be a domino effect of enhanced skills and increased revenues.

Inclusion is the Key to Retention
Take a look at Level D&I's Hiring Statistics for the year 2021:
Once a company builds a diverse team, how do you think they encourage them to stay?
While most companies nowadays know that a diverse staff is key to survival, there is an undeniable struggle with building an inclusive environment capable of retaining diverse and minority employees. LEVEL has definitely created a broad range of solutions for improving organizational retention and creating an inclusive company culture, starting with its own.


LEVEL D&I is an equal opportunity recruiter and they are open to hiring U.S. Veterans and Veteran family members not only to provide them employment but also to make sure that they will be placed in a healthy, adoptive environment.

Excited to see what jobs LEVEL can offer you? 

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