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Lanford Brothers Company, Inc. Joins HireVeterans!

Lanford Brothers Company, Inc. Joins HireVeterans!

We are so used to reading Family-owned businesses or even Veteran-owned businesses; but have you ever encountered an EMPLOYEE-OWNED business?

Lanford Brothers Company, Inc. has been a 100% Employee-Owned Business since 2006. This inclusive business model gives their employees the opportunity to take ownership of their individual successes while also ensuring the prosperity of the company as a whole. Imagine working for a company where you can really become a part of, not just in leadership but also in terms of ownership. Wouldn't you feel energized to go to work everyday? Aside from their solid expertise in the bridge repair business, this kind of positive motivation is what Lanford Brothers Company, Inc. bank on.

Lanford Brothers are constantly looking for hardworking and skilled workers to join their multiple bridge repair projects. From CDL drivers, equipment operators, to welders and finishers, Lanford Brothers definitely wants YOU!


The biggest benefit that Lanford Brothers offer is their Employee Ownership Stock Plan (ESOP) - wherein it allows employees to become shareholders in the company stocks. Apart from this, they also offer competitive packages for:

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plan
  • Disability Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Holidays & PTO


Started as a Family-Owned but Evolved into an Employee-Owned Business

Lanford Brothers Company, Inc. really is family founded. It was built in 1960 by brothers Jack and Stan Lanford. Their father was a contractor and himself an owner of a construction company, named Lanford & Slater. Jack and Stan grew up watching their father take on projects in the construction business. To continue their father's legacy, Jack and Stan decided to open up a construction company of their own but with a new focus on bridge and box culvert construction. Over the years, the company's expertise evolved from new structures to innovated repairs.

Technically, Lanford Brothers Company is still family-owned but they have widened their stock ownership to include the extended family members: their employees. Today, the business has grown as a leader in the bridge repair industry thanks to their team of 140 employee-owners with combined expertise and years of quality service in the company. Their projects mainly revolve around bridge repair services for municipalities and Departments of Transportation.

The People

Ken Lanford, President

Ken started helping out around the shop and equipment yard in 1977. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 1985 with a degree in Business Management, he went on to work at Lanford under different supervisors, eventually running his own crew as a superintendent. From this, he became an estimator and project manager. Ken moved up the leadership ladder and assumed the position of President in 2004, overseeing all company operations.

Brett Dietrich, Vice President

Brett joined Lanford Brothers as project manager in 2015. His background is in Construction Engineering and Management. Also from Virginia Tech like Ken, Brett's initial training is in field engineering and estimation at Kiewit Infrastructure Southeast Company. Eventually, he learned and excelled in the bridge repair business, earning him the Vice President and member of the Board of Directors position.

Lynn Kirby, Corporate Treasurer

Lynn is the daughter of Stan Lanford, one of the founders of the company. She has been exposed to various office duties in her father's company since 1979. She assisted in various office duties, including President of the guardrail division. She left for a while in 2004 but returned in 2013 to take on the position of Office Manager, Controller and Corporate Treasurer. 

Working at Lanford

Starting out as a family-owned business, Lanford Brothers Company, Inc. was naturally built on family values. The above examples of employees turned owners and decision makers can give prospect employees a glimpse of what success can look like for them and the family company that they will eventually become part of. From within their office walls to out in the field working on the bridges, Lanford's people share the drive and dedication to quality that the Jack and Stan strived for when they began the company.

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