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IMCS Group Joins HireVeterans!

IMCS Group Joins HireVeterans!

Did you know that the definition of the word "staff" traces its roots from the military? 

Attested from 1702 German military, a staff is a "group of military officers that assists a commander." Physically, a staff is a rod used in helping a person stand or walk. So the term "staff" in its early form connotes a group of people that hold up or support its officers or leaders. If you think about it, a leader or an organization won't be able to go places without the support of the staff. This is why recruiting firms such as IMCS Group are better called Staffing Agencies; and the same reason why IMCS Group is so successful in this business!

IMCS Group prides itself for being the FINEST STAFFING AGENCY for Agile Organizations. Just last month, they have been nominated “Top Staffing Companies to Work For in 2023” by the World Staffing Summit!

Trusted by over 400+ users in 3 countries, IMCS Group offers diverse career opportunities for job seekers within USA, Canada, India & Mexico who want to break through their respective industries - be it in IT, healthcare, finance, sales, etc.!



IMCS believes good compensation brings excellent motivation! Apart from the monetary benefits, IMCS also offers:

  • Diversity through multicultural teams distributed across the globe;
  • Team building events (company-sponsored events) to strengthen the camaraderie among employees;
  • Corporate trainings to also improve and update employee skills and help them adopt to new technologies and methodologies for their individual and overall company success;
  • Top global clients. Land projects and support organizations that are leaders in their fields of business. IMCS creates an opportunity for its employees to become part of a professional endeavor to create global ripples in their professions.


Contingent Staffing Agency

Founded in 2002, IMCS Group initially had its eyes on IT Support. However, with their business foresight, the company soon recognized the significant gap in the employment market. IMCS saw how it could fill in the employment gap by providing the right staff to businesses that needed them. Their commitment lies in not only finding the perfect candidates for organizations in a variety of locations but also in training them and empowering them to consistently deliver above and beyond client expectations. Today, IMCS has presence throughout...


USA : Texas (Global HQ) | Chicago | New York

INDIA : Hyderabad | Noida | Chennai

MEXICO : Jalisco

CANADA : Ontario


  • Information Technology
  • Energy Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking & Finance
  • Retail & Commerce

Services Offered:

Talent, Technology & Workforce Management

Though mainly centered on technology-based roles, IMCS Group gladly offers flexible staffing solutions, contract staffing services, temp-to-hire and complete workforce staffing services to various enterprises in different industries.

IMCS initially consults with the client to identify their basic employment needs. Then their contingent workforce team assesses and anticipates the secondary needs and many other challenges that might surface in fulfilling said client requirements. It is with this anticipated staffing solution that IMCS prides itself to deliver; allowing both the staff and client businesses reach their respective potentials and goals.


IMCS Group also offers payroll services to take the financial and administrative burden off the plates of businesses who want to scale their workforce. The agency provides timekeeping, recordkeeping, tax withholding, unemployment insurance and all other payroll-related functions. IMCS Group's payroll services are fully customizable according to client's terms of engagement, employment payments, PTO, benefits, length of engagement and more.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Finally, IMCS brings the right recruitment strategy to the table; and they deliver this through their flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions. Whether a business is facing peaks in hiring volume or lacking the right candidates that fit the required niche, IMCS offers its RPO solutions to help in the scalability, quality and process efficiency of their client company's recruitment.



IMCS has made a long-lasting and mutually fruitful relationships with clients through competent staffing services throughout the years!

  • Legacy of 15 Years

  • 80+ Successful Projects with Fortune 500 Companies

  • 400+ Empowered Employees

  • Strong Presence in the US, India and Mexico