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In Hyundai Careers, People Come First.

Whether it be customers or staff, Hyundai understands that people are central to their business. 

Hyundai believes that their sustainable growth over the years is driven by the broad and talented individuals on their team. Proud to be an equal opportunity employer, Hyundai is open to employing as much Vets and Veteran family members in their organization who can contribute to a vast work culture representing different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and values. The company believes that the future of their organization lies in the hearts and capabilities of the team members - and when it comes to passion and capacity, you can definitely rely on Veterans in that. 

What Hyundai is Looking for:

"We do what we love. We love what we do. And it shows."

At Hyundai Careers, everyone is expected to deliver valuable service to customers. Hyundai Motor Company takes pride in creating new possibilities in their products; and therefore expects their employees to be able to translate these tangible items into worthy customer experiences which not only elevates but also brings value to their lives.

"Our culture is for those who are always willing to think outside of the box to solve issues and bring the best services to consumers."

One of Hyundai Careers' focus for their people is to build a high energy, safe environment that will foster the employees' love for their jobs. Hyundai Careers advocates for their employees to become well performers and a bustling workplace is deemed perfect for staff who value efficiency and have a can-do spirit.

Hyundai Core Values:

  • Customer⁠ - Customer-driven corporate culture
  • Challenge⁠ - Embrace every opportunity for greater challenge
  • Collaboration⁠ - Synergy through mutual communication and cooperation
  • People⁠ - Creating a corporate culture that respects talent
  • Globaility - World-class products with global corporate citizens

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Benefits that Benefit Everyone

This company understands that building a career and having a life does not have to be mutually exclusive. That’s why Hyundai Careers offer benefit programs that help employees get the most out of their job functions and inspire them to build a career that will allow them to live the best, comfortable life. 


  • HEALTH - Comprehensive Medical Plans, Dental (Choice between a Dental PPO and a Dental DHMO), Vision (EyeMed’s Vision Plan), Recreational Sports for some locations
  • FINANCIAL - 401(k) Plan, 4% Hyundai Employer Enhanced Contribution, Education Reimbursement
  • LIFE - Paid Time Offs, Vehicle Benefits (Buy or Lease), Training and Development

Vets in the Automotive Manufacturing / Repair / Sales Industry, Hyundai Motor Company is Your Key to Success!

Now is your chance to become part of one of the leading automotive companies in the world.