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How To Make Money In The Military

How To Make Money In The Military

Just like any other profession, being in the military isn’t a 24/7 stint. At some point, you’d always find yourself off duty with not much to do. Because it’s not always possible to be having fun or relaxing every time you’re off duty, you have to be a little more creative with the way you spend your spare time to keep you from getting bored. Moreover, there could be a little extra boredom when you’re based far from home. You can’t shuttle in and out of the camp just to see your family. 

One of the best ways to make your military experience worth it is to make money during your free hours in fun and meaningful ways. Learn how to accomplish this goal by reading below.

Take Online Paid Surveys

You can take online paid surveys while waiting for the next day of duty. It’s one way to make use of time in a more productive way while entertaining and stimulating the brain cells. The good news is that there are many online surveys intended to be answered by military personnel. Don’t worry about your personal data as this is kept private. The best thing about online surveys is their work today get paid today scheme. 

Become A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant services are in-demand, most especially during this trying time of coronavirus pandemic. Virtual assistants can work from anywhere. Also, you can advertise your virtual assistant services in a business journal or online to work with your first client. 

The responsibilities of a virtual assistant usually include the following:

  • Compose emails
  • Recruit new online employees
  • Set appointments
  • Manage schedules
  • Other personal assistant duties 

Pursue Your Writing Skills

If you have a knack for writing, then you can pursue this passion. You can become a freelance web content writer by creating articles as online resources. Get a chance to have your work published while earning extra income. 

Military veterans can become writers and share their untold stories and experiences in the military to the world.  

Here are some tips to easily gain clients as a web content writer:

  • Train Yourself: While you know the writing basics, web content writing would entail learning basic information about search engine optimization or SEO and other digital marketing strategies to help a website rank in search engines. Also, you have to learn how to use basic online writing tools, such as grammar and spelling checker, readability tool, and keyword density checker. Most of these tools are free to use online.
  • Register or Create A Writer’s Account Online: Once you have gained enough knowledge and skills as a web content writer, you can create your account in various writing job portals so that you can submit writing proposals and earn clients.

Sell Online

If you have crafty hands, online selling is a great way to make extra money. If you can’t make your own products, you can also work with a fulfillment company so that you don’t have to handle the logistics aspect of the business. Just focus more on your sales and marketing. A fulfillment company can arrange manufacturing and shipping of the final product. You can sell your items on eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Craigslist, or on your website.

Check the following tips when selling online:

  • List the items for sale clearly online, using the photos of the actual items and not sourced somewhere else. 
  • Provide fair pricing.
  • Check seller basics on your chosen marketplace and know the basic selling fees, such as listing fee for listing an item for sale.

Become An Online Tutor

Military personnel can become online tutors. For instance, if you’re good in Math or performed excellently on the SATs, you can teach high school students as an online tutor. Also, you can be a tutor for aspiring musicians, teaching children how to play the piano or guitar. 

If you’re overseas, there’s a big demand for native English tutors. Why not share your martial arts move online too? You can train aspiring soldiers as early as childhood with basic self-defense skills.  

Check the following advantages of becoming an online tutor:

  • Pursue your passion in teaching.
  • Get to share your knowledge and skills to the world.
  • Feel a very rewarding experience.

Take a look at this helpful list of ways to make money fast aside from being a tutor.



It’s a good idea to make money while in the military in your leisure time to get rid of homesickness and use your time more productively. For military and veterans, becoming a writer, virtual assistant, or tutor is a good idea. Also, selling art crafts, memorabilia, and other items online is another way to earn extra money in the military.