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Harvest Power Community Development Joins!

Harvest Power Community Development Joins!

Harvest Power Community Development is a charter school corporation with three charter schools in the state of Arizona.

The program at Harvest Preparatory Academy differs from those offered at other public schools. While the major objective in public schools is to provide an excellent educational experience for each child, the process used to achieve excellence varies widely from school to school. As a traditional school, Harvest Preparatory Academy uses time-honored curriculum and teaching methodology rather than fad, fashion, and educational innovations. Harvest Preparatory Academy has a sequential and consistent curriculum across the grades.

Currently the executive director is looking for an executive assistant who would manage all the day to day office operations on her behalf. It is a position that requires confidentiality, some travel, two days a week late hours, strong organizational skills, and some multitasking. It is a position that has room for advancement within the corporation as the corporation is growing rapidly.

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