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HAAG Joins!

HAAG Joins!

Forensic engineering was still an emerging discipline in 1924 when veteran civil engineer Walter G. Haag founded his consulting company in Dallas, Texas, to appraise or value properties for a sale of the business. As his reputation grew, so did the forensic engineering field, and Mr. Haag began valuing properties after losses. By the time Mr. Haag retired from the company shortly before his death in 1956, forensic engineering was a full-fledged profession and Haag Engineering was ready to expand from North Texas to the world.

Today, Haag is a multi-faceted forensic engineering and consulting company.

Haag serves the legal industry, the insurance industry, corporations, manufacturers, private companies, and individuals. Their growth results directly from their long-standing commitment to quality while expanding their technical knowledge and services. Haag has built a reputation for excellence through the efforts of past and present personnel, and they are proud to continue that tradition today.

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