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Gale Associates, Inc. Joins HireVeterans!

Gale Associates, Inc. Joins HireVeterans!

The boom of population has created an equal problem in urban planning. Work is usually concentrated in more populated areas so housing and business infrastructures also tend to cramp up in these locations. This poses several problems in space and sustainability of such structures. 

As cities grow and evolve, the practice of repurposing existing buildings - also known as adaptive reuse - offers several important benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of communities and the sustainable development of urban areas. Some of the advantages include:

  • Sustainable Development - minimizes the negative environmental impact associated with new construction. Reusing existing structures reduces the need for new materials, energy-intensive manufacturing processes, and construction-related wastes.
  • Revitalization of Urban Centers - allows construction companies to breathe a new life into old urban centers, attracting residents, businesses, and visitors. This revitalization fosters economic growth, supports local businesses, and improves overall quality of life.
  • Reduced Urban Sprawl - promotes denser development and reduces the need for expanding into greenfield areas, thus curbing urban sprawl and protecting natural habitats.

Gale Associates, Inc. is a 100-person engineering and architecture consulting firm with headquarters in Rockland, MA - just south of Boston. They specialize in adaptive reuse (repair, renovation and repurposing) of existing buildings, sites and infrastructures. They have consistently been voted as one of Zweig Group's "Best Firms to Work For" from 2014 to 2022. 

If you are an Engineer, Architect, or have experiences in this field, and have common interest in sustainability through adaptive reuse, Gale Associates might just be the right organization for you! 

First-day coverage benefits include:

  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance
  • Delta Dental & EyeMed Vision insurance
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Flexible work schedule/remote options
  • 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan and Trust
  • 3 weeks’ vacation accrual upon hire
  • 12 annual paid holidays, competitive sick & personal time
  • Tuition reimbursement program for continuing education programs
  • College loan-repayment program
  • Fully-paid Life/Disability insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account and Dependent Care Assistance programs       


Established in 1964, Gale Associates, Inc. has come a long way in providing consulting services for adaptive reuse. Apart from their corporate headquarters in Rockland, MA, they have regional offices in: Baltimore, MA; Portland, ME: Altamonte Springs, FL; Stafford VA; Bedford, NH and Glastonbury, CT. Their presence throughout these regions indicates how well-established this sustainable consulting firm has been throughout its 59 years of service.

CORE Values

C - ollaboration

Borrowing from the great philosopher, Aristotle: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." At Gale, a strong sense of community is fostered on all levels. The secret to a successful company is a successful team; and the secret to a successful team is to always have them work and excel at a mutual pace - with each individual capabilities meld into one unbeatable force. 

O - pportunity

Lack of growth or opportunity is the enemy of innovation. Gale provides various opportunities for enhancements in the form of education, training, and investments in their staff. 

R - espect

Gale is sensitive not only to client demands but also to their team member's needs. This firm supports diversity and collaboration throughout their organization. They mix people from different social and professional backgrounds to eradicate the stigma against one another and promote respect for each other's unique capabilities.

E - quilibrium

Long before the global pandemic, Gale has already promoted work-life balance within its organization. The company recognizes how personal time greatly contributes to professional successes of their employees - especially because the nature of work in an engineering and architectural consulting firm is already high due to customer requirements. 

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