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Envista Forensics Joins HireVeterans!

Envista Forensics Joins HireVeterans!

Envista Forensics is the global leader in providing comprehensive forensic consulting and engineering services. They assess and restore damaged technical equipment for Fortune 500, government/public, and private companies. Envista's identity is rooted in its strength in investigation; thus, conveying the company's capabilities as a global, multi-disciplinary, and highly skilled forensic engineering partner for insurance claims and legal professionals.

A Global Team of Trusted Experts

With nearly 600 professionals, located across 30 offices and recovery centers throughout Europe and North America, Envista Forensics is committed to providing the best possible service through:

  • Vast Experience
  • Thought Leadership, and
  • Unparalleled Expertise

Envista's Main Goal is to be the Face of Certainty for Clients in Times of Need

Envista’s global presence allows consultants and engineers to collaborate with some of the top minds in the industry (from all backgrounds and specialties) to meet client requirements no matter the size or location of the loss.


The Face of Certainty Starts With You

Every service they offer and every person Envista hire impact the team and clients, which in turn, affect lives all over the world. People call on Envista because of their remarkable services and the exceptional minds they employ. 

If you are an Engineer or a Subject Matter Expert who can analyze and apply scientific principles to investigate all types of failures impacting service, people, and business production — from minor to catastrophic, Envista Forensics wants you! Your work is guaranteed to be both motivating and inspiring because you'll solve complex problems to help people in their hour of need.

Become part of the solution in times of immense disaster! 

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