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CAMRIS International, LLC Joins HireVeterans!

CAMRIS International, LLC Joins HireVeterans!

Transitioning from military service to civilian employment can present various challenges for service members. There is the problem of translating military experience and skills into languages and terminologies that civilian employers can understand. Transitioning members have a plethora of skills and worthy experiences but it is hard for them to cite those on paper in a way that their civilian employers can grasp or put value upon. In certain industries, civilian employers may even require specific certifications, licenses, or educational qualifications that service members may not have had the opportunity to obtain during or due to their military service. Acquiring such credentials can take time and may pose financial barriers for our brothers and sisters. 

The transition from a structured military environment to a civilian workplace culture is also something to consider. Service members may find it difficult to adapt to different organizational norms, communication styles, and expectations. It can also be emotionally and mentally challenging for some. They may have a hard time adjusting to civilian life, which can impact their job search and overall well-being.

But what if there is a company where: translating these military experiences; adjusting to work culture; building on credentials and certifications; and prioritizing mental health and well-being will never be an issue? Will you, as a veteran or transitioning job seeker, be willing to apply? If the answer is yes, then click the link below!


CAMRIS International, LLC is a federal contractor offering adaptive solutions for military health and research, public health, and international development. The firm was established in 2003 as a result of a merger between Clapp and Mayne (CAM) and Renaissance Information Systems (RIS). Clapp and Mayne had its early work in Latin America (1955) through management and administration of public and private sector organizations. Renaissance, on the other hand, is a business tech firm. They are slightly younger than CAM (established in 1994) but they brought about the tech side for CAMRIS. They handled the state-of-the-art  technology systems for American companies and government agencies.

Twenty years later, CAMRIS has grown tremendously. It has made its mark in the military medicine, public health, and research and development arena. They are known for their breakthroughs in global health, grants management, monitoring and evaluation and the environment. They have proven track record in effectively executing substantial institutional contracts, offering extensive professional support to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department of Defense (DoD) in the realm of medical research.

Creating Adaptive Solutions

CAMRIS bears over 60 years of experience and has presence in over 100 countries. It remains unrivaled in partnering with allied businesses of all sizes. Its partnership with USAID and DoD reflects why it is the optimal choice of top companies for collaboration. It can be said that their dedication to excellence and adaptability are the drivers of their success. 

You'll always find a better way at CAMRIS. This firm is deliberately structured to help their clients find smarter, faster, more flexible ways to adapt. Their lean, nimble structure allow them to cost-effectively customize solutions based on their customers' targets instead of offering what’s already on the shelf. Their business model is not mired in just one way of doing things. Their twofold goals are: 

1) To translate research into impacts that improve the lives and well-being of communities & individuals worldwide; AND

2) To transform novel ideas into sustainable solutions at scale.

CAMRIS for Military Health & Research

In today's dynamic and rapidly changing world, CAMRIS' core competencies play a crucial role in driving the military's innovation, ability to adapt to evolving challenges, and even in maintaining a competitive edge. Here are the fundamental strengths and capacities that the firm contributes to military research, development, and overall health improvements.

Military Operational Medicine Research

CAMRIS' Military Operational Medical Research team is focused on biomedical research for our warfighters. The aim is to deliver products and solutions throughout the design, development, testing and evaluation of novel physiological, biomedical, and technological countermeasures for the enhancement of our warfighters' performances. The ultimate goal is to support and train formidable fighting forces capable and ready to meet our nation's current and future challenges.

Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine

A military operation will never be deemed a success just by operational excellence. Casualties, be it physical and/or mental, will always be part of military conflicts and trainings. CAMRIS acknowledges this fact and hence built their foundation to helping our soldiers pick their feet up, so to speak. Clinical and rehabilitative professionals are a huge part of the CAMRIS organization. They are charged with restoring full health and wellness, quality of life, and in some cases, a return to full duty of our brothers and sisters.

Military Population Health

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), together with CAMRIS, have created databases about military population health. The focus is no longer in the disease and injury prevention but has shifted to include health and wellness promotion. As an advocate of restorative health, CAMRIS' military population health program assists in the surveys and interventions designed to enhance military readiness and improve long-term positive outcomes for service members.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases affect the military in both combat and non-combat operations. It can occur during deployment and even in training and humanitarian reliefs. Infectious diseases stand as the largest threat to the health and readiness of military personnel and the success of military operations worldwide. That is why CAMRIS has poured its support to the  DOD’s strategic initiatives to mitigate the threat of emerging infectious diseases to the U.S. military. Their technical research and surveillance team work alongside military researches to provide surveillance, detect outbreaks, and design and develop rapid point-of-care, field-ready infectious disease identification devices for warfighter protection.

If you are curious to know more about CAMRIS International, LLC, you may visit their HV Profile HERE.