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Aylo Health Joins HireVeterans!

Aylo Health Joins HireVeterans!

The Aylo Advantage

Aylo Health has built a successful model of healthcare process that unlock potentials for both patients and providers. They offer plenty of opportunities to help team members build a healthy and balanced life while advancing their careers. The company believes in creating an organization that cares not only for its patients but also for its employees.

Aylo understands that health should come from within. If their providers are well taken care of, then they will be better equipped to provide that same level of care to patients. This is the Aylo Advantage: you take care of the patients and Aylo will take care of you!

Job opportunities in Aylo Health are at equal lengths with their healthcare services because it is holistic. If you believe in overall health and wellness, then your next job should definitely be with Aylo Health!

Compensation & Benefits

✔ Competitive Pay

✔ Medical insurance with prescription drug coverage

✔ Dental, Vision and Basic Life Insurances

✔ Company 401(k) match

✔ Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

✔ Healthcare Flexible Spending Account

✔ Company-paid child care

✔ Paid time off

*The exact benefits available may vary based on whether you get hired as a full-time or part-time employee.


Aylo Experience: Above and Beyond Typical Health Care

Aylo Health was formerly known as Eagles Landing Health. It began with the simple idea of providing health care when and where people need it. Since its establishment, Aylo has set out with the mission to change how patients engage with their medical providers. This was initially paved by the extended service hours and then followed by the opening of multiple locations. To date, Aylo Health operates in 13 convenient locations all over the South Metro Atlanta Area. Soon after, same-day appointments were offered; and with the advances in healthcare technology came the use of new and innovative equipment to make it easy for patients to get proper care and stay healthy. Today, Aylo has become a healthcare network providing access to multiple services ranging from Primary, Endocrine, and Pediatric Care to Sleep Medicine and Imaging.

Quality Healthcare One Patient at a Time

The Aylo Mission is to provide quality healthcare in a simple and convenient manner. Aylo Health believes that healthy people can do amazing things. They advocate to seeing their healthy patients do amazing things for and by themselves. This is also the main inspiration why they equip the Aylo Team with world-class tools and author healthcare practices that eliminate the many tasks that get in the way of caring for patients.

At Aylo Health, patients are provided with comprehensive medical care centered around holistic wellness. Aylo providers focus on convenient preventive care to keep families happy and healthy, without any unexpected surprises.

  • Wellness Checks & Preventive Care

Medical issues can arise unexpectedly but Aylo knows that the key to good health is preventive care. One of the many commitments of this organization is to provide patients with convenient care that they can trust.

  • Multiple Locations & Extended Hours

Aside from its presence in 13 locations around the South Metro Atlanta area, Aylo centers also have extended hours. What is even better is that they are open seven days a week to give patients the scheduling convenience in a comfortable and patient-focused facility.

  • Imaging Built for Patients

Aylo hosts not only state-of-the-art technology equipment but also seasoned licensed technicians to help diagnose problems in patients early on. As cliché as it may sound, prevention is always better than cure; and advanced detection certainly is the ultimate prevention.

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