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AVL North America Hires U.S. Veterans!

AVL North America Hires U.S. Veterans!

AVL: From Concept to Reality

Join a world leader in the mobility business! Be a part of AVL North America's affluent teams that provide leading concepts, solutions, and methodologies that shape the future trends in the automotive industry! They mostly hire experienced engineers in the field of controls, calibration and CAE. 

Wide Range of Benefits:

  • 13th and 14th paycheck: AVL North America provides additional and special payments to their employees' salaries - a holiday and Christmas bonus given in July and December, respectively!
  • Comprehensive insurance: Employment at AVL entitles statutory insurance coverage (accident, pension, unemployment and health insurance).
  • Family-friendly working hours: AVL values the role of family in the success of their individual team members. Hence, the company ensures that their employees can work and still have time to share with their families (especially in times of emergencies) through educational and parental leave programs, as well as part-time working options for parental or childcare reasons.
  • Financial subsidies: Again, as a family-friendly company, AVL celebrates each staff's special occasions such as weddings or births through congratulatory financial bonuses.
  • Company kindergarten facility: Although space is limited, AVL further supports parent employees by establishing an on-site AVL kindergarten for child day care. 
  • Internal training: The AVL Academy offers a broad variety of opportunities for professional and personal development.
  • Educational leave/part-time training: AVL also supports educational leave and part-time training to advocate their people's personal and professional development.
  • Commuting allowance: Travel costs for public transport journeys between home and work are 100 % covered.


And the best news is... THERE'S PLENTY MORE! The complete list of benefits will be discussed to successful candidates.

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Greener, Safer, Better World of Mobility

AVL prides itself to be the world's largest independent company that develops, simulates, and tests GREEN powertrain solutions (hybrid, combustion engines, transmission, electric drive, batteries and software) for passenger cars, trucks and large engines. They provide integrated solutions that include propulsion engineering, simulation software, and testing & instrumentation systems.

AVL North America is comprised of the following divisions:

  • AVL Test Systems, Inc. - Provides the finest simulation, measurement and testing technology at every stage, from prototype development to full production cycle.
  • AVL Powertrain Engineering, Inc. - Offers state of the art development facilities that allow AVL to conduct a full range of projects from simple analysis of detailed powertrain aspects to total engine concept design and development.
  • AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies - Supplies comprehensive simulation tools in a flexible and open environment paving the way for multi-disciplinary solutions as an integral part of the powertrain development process.


The automotive industry is geared towards a GREEN FUTURE. AVL treads and leads this path by recognizing that the need to transition to renewable energy sources goes beyond but, definitely, also covers the core areas of the powertrain and vehicle.

AVL proudly invests on independent studies and provides strategic advice about the future energy and fuel pathways in the mobility sector. This company also render carbon dioxide (CO2) analyses and scenario simulations throughout an engine's entire lifecycle.  These services cover a wide range of topics, including: technology, energy, carbon dioxide (CO2), costs, and even the market environment. AVL also provides independent recommendations for qualified and balanced solution packages for mobility solutions at all interfaces of production, use, and end-of-life vehicles.

Company Focus / Services 

With more than seven (7) decades of experience, AVL delivers innovative solutions and tools that provide the best possible support to OEMs and Tier1s in the development and improvement of powertrains, components, full vehicle systems, and everything in between and beyond. 

  • Passenger Cars
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Power Plants
  • Racing
  • 2 and 3 Wheelers
  • Marine
  • Locomotive
  • Aviation

AVL Core Values: Their Guiding Force Behind Everyday Work

AVL builds a better world with a greener tomorrow not only by providing renewable and leading technologies but also superior customer service.

  • Pioneering Spirit - AVL turns visions into reality. They have mastered the ability to recognize important breakthrough targets early on to deliver them ahead of the market.
  • Customer Orientation - AVL believes in 'shared success,' that is: A company's success is driven by customer success. True understanding of customer needs, combined with technical experience and a global view, has allowed AVL to create innovative solutions for their clients throughout the years.
  • Problem-Solving Competence - Focused research, cutting-edge technological developments and clear product orientation are fundamental requirements for global competitiveness: all of which are found within the AVL Group.
  • Nature-Friendly - Modern mobility can only achieve progress when its goal, form, and requirements are in harmony with nature. The AVL work ethics is rooted on a deep understanding of the responsibility that mankind bear for the society, humanity, and the achievements of the world. AVL makes sure that the world is one in which we can live in now and in the future.
  • Independence - The company expresses its independent status through its continuous pursuit of knowledge, characterized by a deep sense of responsibility for the future.