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Arrow Stage Lines Joins HireVeterans!

Arrow Stage Lines Joins HireVeterans!

Busskohl: A foreshadowing of the Future

Now a booming charter bus rental business, Arrow Stage Lines (ASL) actually started as a mail courier service. Carl Busskohl, the founder, was awarded with a mail contract in 1928. He mainly delivered mail from Norfolk, Nebraska to Sioux city, Iowa through his seven-passenger Buick sedan. But as he passed through his usual route, he inevitably caught the eyes of the residents on his route. They started asking him if they could hitch a ride. With his surname seeming to be a foreshadow of what he was destined to pursue; and being a natural born entrepreneur, Carl obliged and eventually charged his passengers 75 cents per one-way trip.

The year 1928 was the age of The Great Depression yet Busskohl had been able to provide for his family through his transportation service. Eventually, the courier service grew to include newspaper and bread deliveries for the same route. To keep up with the delivery demands, Busskohl invested in a 25-passenger Superior Bus where mails, newspapers and breads were accommodated on the 10 seats at the back while the remaining 15 seats in front are reserved for passengers. From then on, the business was passed on from one family generation to another. The current owner is already the fourth generation Busskohl.

From 15 Seats to a FLEET

With 94 years of success in the business, ASL is consistently recognized as one of the Top 10 U.S. Charter Operator on a platform of safety, innovation and service. While it is still based in Nebraska, the company has now expanded to 12 different locations across the United States to serve its customers better. Aside from that, ASL has developed partnerships with motorcoach providers who share the same passion for customer service and safety of passengers.

From this single bus line, ASL now has over 250 vehicles in its fleet. Their newer coach models include:

  • 54 Passenger Motorcoaches
  • 40 Passenger Mid-Coaches
  • 16 Passenger Executives

All of which offer spacious seating and power outlets per row.

Pleasure and Safety

For a transportation business to run smoothly and effectively, two factors need to be prioritized: Service and Safety.

Arrow Stage Lines’ service does not only end in vehicle provision but also extends to the ground transportation solutions. ASL aims to go over and beyond client expectations. They understand that to keep customers and gain new ones, they have to step up the gas of customer service. Aside from transportation, ASL provides customer solutions to cater to client needs apart from the actual trip.

To ensure safety, on the other hand, ASL keeps all drivers and technicians’ training up-to-date. The company often partners with University Certification for Sustainable Transportation Program to enable their drivers and technicians earn e-Rating driving certificates. Additionally, ASL’s drivers are required to complete a new course every quarter through the MCI Academy Learning Management System (LMS).


Air pollution is a global problem. One of ASL’s characteristics why it lasted so long is its ability to adapt to the ever-changing market and environment. ASL decided that it should keep its operations sustainable to protect the environment and to foster business continuity. Their fleet are mainly made up of newer coach models with advanced engine efficiency technology, increasing fuel savings and lessening harmful emissions.

A Green Company

Arrow Stage Lines’ green practices extend not only within the service operations but also throughout their corporate arm. ASL prides itself as one of the first companies in the country to go paperless through the implementation of digital signature for all customer agreements.

In all of their operating regions, ASL’s maintenance teams use ESOC (Environmentally Safe Oil Change) machines and coolant recovery machines to safely drain and dispose of fluids that are harmful to the environment. They also collect scrap metal including copper and aluminum, which are regularly separated and recycled.


ARROW STAGE LINES is currently looking for Motorcoach Operators / Bus Drivers in different locations!

Some of their benefits include:

  • Top of the market pay
  • Safety Bonus
  • Performance Based Tips
  • Company Subsidized Health Insurance
  • Company Paid Life Insurance
  • Paid Vacations & Holidays
  • Travel Cost Coverage
  • Rally Health Rewards Program

Do you want to travel for work while earning a good amount of money and feel secured about your benefits? Heed the call of Arrow Stage Lines!