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10 Best Jobs for Veterans

10 Best Jobs for Veterans

Re-entering the workforce after having served in the military is not an easy task. However, it is an important transition that you need to get over to move on with your life. According to Navy Federal, over 250,000 military service members join the workforce every year. Finding a well-paid, stable job can cause a great deal of anxiety. Generally, when service members leave, they tend to have a gap in skills when it comes to finding a civilian job. However, it is no reason to give up. The following jobs are available for veterans.

  1. Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners earned median pay of $113,930 in 2018 and job growth is projected to be 26 percent through 2028. Primary healthcare service providers require nurse practitioners. Hence, there are plenty of jobs that are available and veterans can apply for these jobs. The exact duties of the practitioner vary by state. However, you should expect to perfect a vast range of services including coordination of care, patient education, and direct healthcare services. You can look for work at a physician’s office, clinic, and hospital to find out who is hiring.

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  1. Public Administration

Veterans possess valuable leadership skills which they can put to use by working in public administration. The government hires veterans who have strong communication skills and a degree. Working in public administration has many perks including flexible hours and tremendous career growth. It is a career path that is ranked at the top for veterans. Apply for jobs in public affairs, program analysis, and general administration to earn up to $63,000 a year.

  1. Defence Contracting

Sometimes, the best jobs are the ones that you have been doing all your life and do not mind doing once again after leaving the military. This is where defence contracting comes into place. It is a popular choice among young veterans. The job pays competitive salaries that will allow you to live a comfortable life. It involves creating materials for helping aid various sections of national defense. You might get to build aircrafts and weaponry which makes it a very interesting job. Potential jobs include quality assurance manager, contract management specialist, intelligence specialist, and analyst. The average annual salary for defense contracting is $58,000.

  1. Information Technology

Are you an IT guy? If you like all things tech, you should work in information technology to utilize skills acquired in the military. The job offers competitive compensation. The best thing about a career in information technology is that there are new jobs available all the time. Hence, you will have no trouble finding a job and starting a new career. Besides, career advancement in information technology is one of the best. Some of the most popular career paths in this field include information security analysis, data analysis, cybersecurity, systems engineering, and project management. Expect to earn $56,000 a year working in information technology.

  1. Financial Services

Younger veterans who want to join a lucrative and exciting new career should look towards financial services. Research reveals that over 10 percent of young vets take up work in finance. Salaries tend to be competitive and working as in finance offers many perks. Some popular career paths include accountant, finance manager, and financial advisor. The average annual salary for financial services is $59,000 a year.

  1. Teacher

Veterans can also consider working as a teacher. They are well suited for the job as they have a mission-based approach to work. A career in education can be very rewarding. However, to work in education, you need a college degree. Education-related professions are very popular among veterans and for good reason. However, it is important to note that salaries tend to be on the lower side. You can expect an average annual salary of $41,000 a year working as a teacher.

  1. Law Enforcement

If you have a passion for the law, you can start a law enforcement career. It will allow you to utilize your military experience. Thus, it makes for the perfect career for most veterans. All the skills that you have learned in the military will prove a valuable asset to the job. Retired military members can work as corrections officers, emergency dispatchers, crime scene investigators, or even police office. The average annual salary is around $56,000.

  1. Retail

For those of you who require a more flexible work schedule, retail jobs are the answer. Work in a team and enjoy the benefits of flexible hours by joining the retail industry. Many veterans who like communicating with others work in retail. It allows them to talk to customers and much more. Employment in retail is mostly popular among veterans over the age of 45. Some of the best career paths in retail include marketing, sales, and warehouse logistics. But, the average annual salary of retail workers is quite low. You should expect to earn only $25,000 a year which might not be sufficient to make ends meet, especially if you have a family that depends on you.

  1. Manufacturing

If you do not have any formal education, you should consider taking up a manufacturing job. It offers competitive pay and some career advancement. Veterans without a college degree will find the manufacturing industry to be very welcoming. Although the starting salary in manufacturing is close to $28,000, you can expect to earn more as an entry-level maintenance technician. On the other hand, manufacturing supervisors make up to $60,000 a year.    

  1. Transportation or Warehousing

Finally, if you like working with your hands and want to put your military experience to good use, a job in transportation or warehousing might be the perfect fit for you. It is suitable for veterans wanting a more physical career path. Warehouses could always use more helping hands to help meet the demand for essential goods. The average annual salary in transportation or warehousing is $27,500.  


Now that you know about the top 10 jobs for veterans, you can start applying for your desired job.