Jan 26, 2023

Job ID 2023-5385 A-10C Scenario Developer

  • OBXtek
  • Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI, USA
Full-Time Defense Engineering Government Information Technology Legal Program Management

Job Description

Job ID 2023-5385


OBXtek is staffing positions for an A-10C Scenario Developer in support of the PACAF Fighter Simulator contract.
  • Scenario development personnel shall meet MTCI/CIP hour requirements, but IP experience on the designated airframe is not required.
  • During vacancies or when contractor employees are on vacation, the Scenario Developer may fill in if they are qualified.
  • Assist in the development of inter-team training scenarios consistent with security regulations, fighter aviation limitations, simulator limitations, squadron / wing training requirements.
  • Assist PACAF unit Mission Training Center scenario development for execution and training effectiveness and in accordance with the briefed plan.
  • Assist in the development, coordination and integration of specific airframe SIP Mission Profile events used in scenario development to maximize training.
  • Maintain the most recent and relevant knowledge of SIP training requirements for all airframes and weapon systems identified in this SOW.
  • Maintain an in-depth understanding of USAF fighter and bomber operations with a specialization in integrated fighter and bomber employment tactics, techniques and procedures.
  • Utilize operational knowledge of Air Force doctrine, aircraft capabilities and coordinate/ facilitate for realistic PACAF theater level (such as: LFE, DMO, etc.) exercises and aircrew training scenarios.
  • Help units to identify training requirements that are best accomplished using SIP/DMO/LSB technologies and capabilities.
  • Assist in the integration of live and virtual training into PACAF level scenarios. Contributing in a manner that ensures safe interaction of live and computer generated forces, ensures scenarios support overall PACAF mission objectives and executes in a proficient manner in accordance with the briefed plan.


  • Operational flight experience within 3 years as an instructor on the applicable system or performance of similar aircraft simulator instructor duties within 3 years.
  • Minimum of 1000 hours in fighter aircraft or as AWACS Mission Crew member
  • Basic Word, Excel, and Power Point Skills.
  • Prior DMO operations experience.
  • Top Secret Security Clearance and be SCI eligible per the Special Access Program Nomination Process (SAPNP).

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