Mar 06, 2022

Logistics Specialist

  • Behr Paint Company
  • Beijing, China

Job Description

  • Scope/Summary 工作范围/概要

    Work proactively to ensure all the product testing can be completed at the right time to support sales team to catch sales leads and convert into orders;  Making all efforts that each shipment can be released by China Customs on time to help minimize the OOS impact, most importantly, to obtain the regular duty rate to contribute OI for the company positively; Meanwhile through close work with domestic carrier to ensure each order can be delivered on time to achieve excellent service level; Other Duties may be assigned as required.

    以前瞻性的工作方式保障产品测试可以按时完成以帮助销售团队拿到销售订单;全力保证每票货可以在规定的时间内完成清关工作有助于达成缺货率的指标;同时通过和国内承运商的紧密协作,确保每个订单可以按时交付且达成卓越的服务水平; 其它工作职责按工作需要安排。

  • Essential Functions / 基本职责:

    Product testing 产品测试 (10%)

  • Assist the line manager in working out the annual product testing plan (CIQ registration & AIC) and reach the alignment with sales team.
  • 协助主管一起制定年度产品测试计划并和销售团队达成一致。
  • Apply for the product testing with lab and closely track the product testing to ensure the testing can be completed on time to avoid any impact on business.
  • 向实验室申请产品测试,紧密跟踪产品测试情况确保测试可以按时完成并避免对公司业务开展造成影响。
  • In the event of a testing failure, report to the line manager immediately and provide the solution to minimize the impact on company business.
  • 如果测试碰到问题,及时汇报主管并提供解决方案使之对公司的业务影响最小化。
  • Deal with the emergency testing per request.
  • 处理一些紧急测试需求。

           Customs clearance 进口清关 (40%)

  • Upload the next month’s purchase forecast to the government tax exclusion system before the end of current month (henceforth referred as “system”).
  • 在每月月底前上传次月的采购预测至“对美加征关税商品排除申报系统”(后简称“”系统”)。
  • Update the purchase forecast in the system in the event of a purchase plan change in a timely manner.
  • 如果采购预测有变化,须及时地把更新的采购预测上传至系统。
  • Upon receiving the shipping docs from the HQ traffic team, convert the documentation into the format per China Customs request and upload the shipping info to the system and finally record the exclusion code assigned by the system for the Customs clearance purpose.
  • 收到总部提供的货运单证后,首先把文件按照海关要求转制成相应格式,随后把货运信息上传至系统,最后记录系统分配的“排除编号“。
  • Provide the import broker with the shipping docs and customs clearance tracker with the latest exclusion code prior to ATA to facilitate the following operations in Customs clearance with the regular duty rate.
  • 在货到港之前,把转制后的货运文件提供给报关行,同时把最新的含有排除编号的进口清关跟踪表提供给报关行供清关之用并享受到正常的进口关税。
  • Closely track each shipment’s customs clearance status to ensure an excellent service level.
  • 紧密跟踪每一货的清关情况使之达到卓越的服务水平。
  • Verify and prepare the billing documentation for the payment purpose twice a month.
  • 每月二次审阅并准备文件申请付款。

           Transportation management  运输管理 (30%)

  • Create the delivery order in SAP and send to 3PL to request the shipping on a timely manner.
  • 及时的在SAP中创建DO并发送给3PL要求出货。
  • Review the daily transportation report provided by domestic carrier and come up with immediate action for those delayed order to achieve an excellent DIFOT result.
  • 每天审阅3PL 发送的运输跟踪报告,对于延误的订单立即采取措施补救,达成DIFOT指标。
  • Assist line manager in reviewing monthly KPI with the domestic carrier to continuously improving the service level.
  • 协助主管审阅每月的KPI持续改善服务水平。
  • Verify the monthly billing report and prepare for the documentation for the payment purpose.
  • 审阅并准备文件申请付款。

           Reporting 报表 (15%)

  • Complete the weekly product testing report and send to the other function to give the testing visibility.
  • 完成每周产品测试报告并发送给团队以及时汇报测试情况。
  • Create and maintain the product testing master file per request. i.e. GB standard, testing result maintained.
  • 创建并及时维护产品测试数据表。比如国标的变更,测试结果的更新等。
  •  Create the weekly customs clearance tracking report and send to the line manager to give the visibility and review.
  • 创建每周报关追踪报告并发送给主管审阅。
  • Complete the weekly inventory visibility report and send to the other function to give the visibility.
  • 完成每周库存报告并发送给团队。


           Misc. (5%)

  • Assist the line manager to complete the physical inventory annual count.
  • 协助主管完成每年年度盘点工作。
  • Assist the line manager in the order relevant project with IT team to continuously improving the order process procedure and efficiency。
  • 协助主管一起完成订单相关的一些项目,持续改进现有的订单操作流程和效率。

  • Job Qualifications / 工作资质要求

College graduate in business or science discipline.


3 years of logistics experience is required. Coating industry experience is a plus.


 Ability to communicate clearly and concisely. Able to communicate in English. English Band-4 Certificate is a big plus.


Basic analytical skills and ability to effectively summarize and present information.


Excellent in office. Experience with SAP is a big plus.

熟练运用MS Office办公软件,,有SAP经验者优先。

Pleasant personality. Ability to work independently and in a team environment.


Detail oriented. Ability to multitask and troubleshoot.


  • Other requirements / 其它要求

Flexible with working hours, and willing to travel frequently and work on weekends as needed.


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