Jan 20, 2021

Stock Clerk Locations near Fort Drum, NY & Fort Polk, NY GCSS W911S2-20-U-PAAT

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  • Fort Drum, NY & Fort Polk, NY
Full-Time Defense Government Other Supply Chain

Job Description



<p "margin-left:="" 0in;="" margin-right:="" 34.45pt"=""><span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Summary: <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">Stock Clerks are required to manage a Property Accountability <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">and <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">Assistance <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">and <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">Training (PAAT) team <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">for <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">Supply/Property <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">Operations <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">to be performed simultaneously <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">at 31 <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">separate <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">locations. <span ":="" 10.0pt"=""><span ":="" "="">The 31 separate locations include 31 Battalion S4 Offices in 6 Brigades. These locations are distributed between Fort Drum, NY (24 Battalion S4 locations) and Fort Polk (7 S4 locations). The PAAT teams will provide property accountability assistance and training at the unit level to increase and sustain Soldier knowledge in logistics, property accountability, and unit supply systems.

<span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Duties and Responsibilities:<span ":="" 10.0pt"=""> The Stock Clerk <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">provides GCSS-A, AESIP Subject Matter Expert (SME) and doctrinal support, advice, guidance, training and assistance to BN S4 level activities. Duties involve instruction, training and overseeing supply and property book operations at Battalion and Company Levels to include assessment of proper work techniques and procedures; planning and analyzing of operational data and reports to ascertain degree of conformity with established policies, work standards, and procedural directives; supervising the preparation of materiel controls and accounting input for data processing and reviewing output documents; and, inspecting and evaluating inventory management activities.

<span ":="" 10.0pt"="">The Stock Clerk as the PAAT SME provides support and guidance to supply personnel in the establishment and maintenance of supply and inventory control management functions; analysis of statistical data to determine effectiveness of technical edit; reconciliation of problems in automated supply accounting system, i.e., GCSS-A; computing, establishing, and directing modifications and adjustments to authorized stock levels; planning and organizing receipt, issue, salvage and maintenance of records for all classes of supply except Class III (Bulk), Class V and Class VIII.

<span ":="" 10.0pt"="">The Stock Clerk will ensure compliance with current regulations and directives pertaining to financial inventory, accounting, and stock funding; determining current and projected repair requirements; directing lateral redistribution of stock; performing supervisory duties; preparing and updating warehouse planographs; conducting inspection of activities to ensure compliance with standards of serviceability, reclamation, salvage, and disposal procedures.

<span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:   

<span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Candidate must demonstrate <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">capability to perform, manage, and supervise Army retail supply operations in addition to the following: 

<span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Must possess a minimum of five years of experience to include:

  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Army Supply Policy Below the National Level and Unit Supply Systems

<span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Demonstrate proficiency with the following Logistics Information Systems:

  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Global Combat Support System – Army (GCSS-ARMY)
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP)
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW)
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Army Records Information Management System (ARIMS
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Force Management System Website (FMSWeb)
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Microsoft Office Suite
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Contractor personnel must be knowledgeable in:
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Property Accountability
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Financial Liability Investigation Property Loss
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Inventory and inventory adjustments
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Requesting and receiving supplies
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Property responsibility
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Organizational Clothing & Individual Equipment (OCIE)
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Management of Classes of Supply; I, II, III, IIIP, IV, VIII
  • <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Excess management

<p "margin-left:="" .5in"=""> 

<span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Minimum Job Requirements:

  1. <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Must  be able to obtain a favorable National Agency Check Investigation
  2. <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Must have as a minimum a high school diploma
  3. <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Must have experience and be proficient in the use of GCSS-A modules and applications.
  4. <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Must have a minimum of Five (5) years of Army retail supply experience. 
  5. <span ":="" 10.0pt"="">Licensed to drive/operate Forklifts; must have a valid drivers license to drive POV in the Installation.

<span ":="" 10.0pt"="">*This position is contingent on award of contract.



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