Aug 18, 2020

Forklift Operator

  • HCI Integrated Solutions
  • Hines, IL, USA
Defense Engineering Government Installation - Maint - Repair Inventory Logistics Skilled Labor Transportation

Job Description

The Forklift Operator operates a manually controlled gasoline, electric or liquid propane gas powered forklift to transport goods and materials of all kinds within a warehouse.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Forklift Operator will operate forklifts or other warehouse powered and manual equipment to offload and load conveyances, move pallets, containers, boxes and equipment to staging areas for breakout and sorting, and move items to storage locations for storing or for packing and shipment to other medical facilities or to customers. When driving not required, forklift operators will perform other warehouse material handling duties assigned by the shift lead, or be assigned to drive government sedans and pickup trucks to perform mail pickup or delivery of items within the local area.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

· Candidate must demonstrate capability to perform material handling duties in warehouse operations

· Ability and licensed to drive and operate pickup trucks, Material Handling and Warehouse Equipment

· Knowledge of warehouse processes, procedures and functions

· Support functions relative to packaging and shipment of mail, parcel and supplies

· Ability to walk, stand, stoop, bend, kneel, climb, and work in tiring and uncomfortable positions.

· Ability to fill out basic forms to include accountability of transactions

· Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing in English.

Minimum Job Requirements:

1. Must undergo an employee background check

2. Must have as a minimum a high school diploma

3. Must have 1-2 years of warehouse experience operating a forklift and other motorized equipment to offload/load trucks and move supplies to specific locations.

4. Must be knowledgeable of supply operations to include shipping and receiving functions.

5. Licensed to drive/operate Government owned sedans and pickup trucks



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