Sep 08, 2020

Construction Manager Support (CMCS) - Fairfield, CA

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Full-Time Construction

Job Description



Major Duties:

Construction Management and Oversight – The CMCS shall be responsible for coordinating with team members and executing project scopes, schedules, and budgets in conformance with the project and customer requirements. The CMCS shall be responsible for the minimization of project delays. The CMCS shall assist Government field personnel with the technical oversight of multiple construction contracts (normally medium to high risk). The CMCS shall help to ensure that contractor’s daily reports are submitted in a timely manner. The CMCS shall assist Government personnel in assuring construction operations are performed in a safe manner in accordance with contract requirements and the regulations of other Governmental agencies having jurisdiction. The CMCS shall provide daily reports summarizing their efforts.


Technical Support – The CMCS shall research codes, guidance, policies, procedures, processes, criteria, and federal laws and regulations and provide sound written technical recommendations. The CMCS shall apply innovative technical principles, practices, and theories to the resolution of technical issues. The CMCS shall assist Government field personnel in assessing and resolving construction and design problems encountered during the performance of assigned contracts. The CMCS shall coordinate with project designers and assist Government personnel in developing solutions to complex technical problems. The CMCS shall assist in the implementation of the Red Zone process to assure that key building systems testing and commissioning, deliverance of Operation Maintenance and Service Instructions (OMSI’s), Government maintenance personnel training, Government furnished equipment availability, separate installation actions, and other actions that affect the completion, turnover, and usability of the facility are completed in a timely and effective manner.


Field Investigations – The CMCS shall perform field investigations, including the review of

as-built, to determine existing conditions, document findings, and provide a report to include a written summary of the observations, data collected, and photographs.


Data Collection – The CMCS shall collect all required data to provide recommendations, prepare documents, and/or review deliverables. The CMCS shall perform data collection/management to assist with the preparation of Cost Estimates, Schedules, SOW’s, and other Project Documentation. The CMCS shall prepare a written summary of findings following the data collection effort.


Cost Estimating – The CMCS shall prepare Cost Estimates, including labor, travel requirements, material, and rental equipment, overhead, and other direct costs. Cost estimates shall be provided in Excel or Success, as required, with supporting documentation.


Preparation of Scopes of Work (SOW) and other documents – The CMCS shall prepare complete SOW documents in the required format, including all applicable attachments. The CMCS shall prepare Quality Assurance Plans.


Coordination – The CMCS shall coordinate with the client, team members, leadership, project stakeholders, and various regulatory agencies. The CMCS shall coordinate with all stakeholders to arrange meetings, determine requirements, coordinate work flow processes, schedule/coordinate plans of action and milestones (POAM’s), and inform all personnel. The CMCS shall assist Government personnel in coordinating construction operations with project stakeholders such as contractors, station personnel, clients, and other Government agencies. The CMCS shall help to ensure that arrangements are made for site availability and access, temporary utilities, gate passes and security clearances, storage and laydown areas, road closures and utility outages, and timely availability of Government furnished equipment. The CMCS shall prepare and maintain a Communication Plan.


Technical Review – The CMCS shall review technical reports, designs, RFP’s, and project deliverables prior to contract award to evaluate technical soundness and practicability from a construction management standpoint and provide comments and recommendations in writing. The CMCS shall review contractor correspondence. The CMCS shall assist Government field personnel in the review of contractor proposals, perform a cost and price analysis, and assist with the preparation of pre-negotiation technical documentation. The CMCS shall help to review contractor’s daily production reports to ensure that they are complete, thorough, and accurate. The CMCS shall recommend and prepare amendments to the daily reports when inaccuracies exist or objectionable adverse statements require countering. The CMCS shall assist the Government field personnel in evaluating the effectiveness of the contractor’s quality control program, specific measures, and responsible parties. The CMCS shall assist the Government field personnel with the contract close out process involving review and acceptance of as-built drawings and as-built schedule, and review and processing of contractor’s final invoice with final release. The CMCS shall assist Government field personnel in reviewing and analyzing any outstanding claim against the contract, and in the development of the related field office support. The CMCS shall provide written comments and recommendations for Government personnel.


Meetings – The CMCS shall participate in meetings with contractors, regulatory agencies, clients, and team members, and prepare meeting notes. The CMCS shall participate in Design Charrettes, Pre-construction Conferences, Partnering Sessions, Pre-Construction Meetings, and Quality Control Meetings. The CMCS may provide technical assistance to the Government during negotiations with contractors. The CMCS shall prepare meeting minutes and agendas, as necessary.


Briefings/Conferences – The CMCS shall participate in briefings/conferences. The CMCS shall prepare and deliver briefs and necessary project documentation to project team members, base personnel, and senior management.


Updates – The CMCS shall provide updates on project status, including project issues, costs, and schedule information to team members, senior management, and other Federal or State jurisdictions, as required. The CMCS shall provide written updates in the applicable database or document.



  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Architecture from an accredited institution and a minimum of five (5) years of Architectural or Engineering experience.
  • At least one (1) year of specialized experience in performing the tasks identified herein for Capital Improvements related projects for the Navy or other Federal agencies.
  • Versed in broad based Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Management principles.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook, and Access).
  • Experience with scheduling software (Primavera and MS Project).
  • Experience with cost estimating tools/software (RS Means, Excel, and/or SUCCESS Estimator Tool)
  • Ability to write and speak concisely and authoritatively.
  • Professional registration desirable.



Security Clearance

NO Security Clearance

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