Aug 04, 2020

TBM Operator

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Job Description

Job Description

The TBM Operator is responsible for operating the tunnel boring machine within strong emphasis on safety, operating hydraulic pumping systems & computer controlled equipment.
Including but not limited to:
Operate an Earth Pressure Balance Machine (EPBM) in soft ground conditions.
Maintain line and grade of the tunnel, possessing extensive knowledge of TBM tunneling guidance system and ring erection program.
Manage ground conditioning to maintain a Earth Pressures during operations.
Review hydraulic and pneumatic schematics to test, identify, diagnose and repair issues with mechanical systems, subsystems, and components.
Responsible for monitoring the excavated material throughout the mining cycle to minimize the risk of over breaks.
Ensure building tolerances are in compliance with applicable regulations specified in the contract during the erection of the segmental tunnel lining (including plane, lips and steps).
Maintain and produce operational reports and daily activity logs.
Promote a safety culture within team and during operations.
Train and mentor other team members.
Carry out job duties while maintaining Lane values.
And other duties as assigned.


High School Diploma or equivalent.
Must have background experience operating an Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machine.
Must have completed a minimum of two related projects.
Able to perform independent assessment of the best parameters to be implemented for the specific ground conditions.
Extensive knowledge with guidance system such as VMT and with ring selection for various ring types (universal, up/down, etc.).
Knowledge and operational experience with programmable logic controller (PLC) systems.
Knowledge of TBM conditioning methods.



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