Jul 14, 2020

VA Supply Technician (Multiple Locations across the U. S. )

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Job Description

VA Supply Technician (Multiple Locations) - (BTL VA TECHS.20)

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Job Type Full-time Job Title VA Supply Technician (Multiple Locations) Job Description

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA), is one of the largest integrated health care system in the United States, providing care at 1,255 health care facilities, including 170 VA Medical Centers and 1,074 outpatient sites of care of varying complexity (VHA outpatient clinics) to over 9 million Veterans enrolled in the VA health care program


Work under this contract will be performed at VA Medical Centers and Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) to include be not limited to: in numerous locations but not limited to: Denver, CO, Aurora, CO,  Lakewood, CO, Golden, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, Pueblo, CO, Alamosa, CO,  Salida, CO Lamar, CO Burlington, CO, Ft. Carson, CO, Kansas City, KS, Wichita, KS, Columbia MO, St. Louis, MO, Biloxi, MS, Montgomery, AL, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, Big Spring, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Waco, TX, Harlingen, TX, Albuquerque, NM, Prescott, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, Tucson, AZ, Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, Huntsville, AL, Tuskegee, AL, Tuscaloosa, AL, and San Diego, CA


                                  *This Position Is Contingent upon Contract Award*



The primary purpose of the position is to ensure that supplies and material are distributed to all areas serviced by Logistics. Provide wards, clinics, operating rooms, secondary storage locations, and other hospital facilities with supplies and material including, but not limited to, sterile and non-sterile medical supplies, instruments sets, and equipment. Assignments include but are not limited to: scanning, barcoding, receiving, storing, and the distribution of medical and surgical supplies, instruments, and other material. The work requires knowledge of applicable policies and procedures as well as inventory systems such as the generic inventory package (GIP), bar-coding, aseptic procedures and Logistics processes.

Work is performed on established shifts, which may involve evening, overnight, or weekend hours.  Duties include but not limited to:



  • Maintains stock at primary and secondary inventory locations for all clinical and administrative services. This involves pulling stock inventory and material from main inventory for delivery; replenishing stock inventory; interacting with clinical and administrative customers to ensure issues and needs are identified and either resolved or escalated to supervisors or Inventory Management Specialists as needed; maintaining records on stock levels; recommending revisions in stock levels as needed to supply changes to Inventory Management Specialists; communicating to the lead or supervisor any concerns related to supplies, equipment and procedures, providing information as needed orally or in writing regarding customer or external stakeholder issues, general telephone inquiries and visitor referrals; communicating with customers and vendors to obtain information regarding medical supplies.
  • Monitors expiration dates, rotates stock to limit outdates and removes items from use as required by outdates. Supports managers in checking inventory for stock identified for recalled items and hazard alerts; ensures critical supplies are appropriately monitored and controlled, resolving deviations when possible, and escalating significant deviations to the Inventory Management Specialists
  • Performs daily inventory of primary and secondary inventory points using bar coding equipment on a predetermined schedule that will allow for timely replenishment orders. Resolves differences between records and physical count of stock.
  • Distributes items according to established or ad hoc requirements in computerized inventory management systems such as GIP. May utilize a pager or similar device to expedite the pick/delivery of items needed in user areas throughout the VA HCS and supported catchment area. Fills requests for items based on daily schedules of need or on an emergent basis as appropriate.
  • Delivers supplies in a timely and accurate manner, ensuring supplies and material delivered are in sterile and operational condition. Deliveries will be to wards, clinics and other secondary locations that may be in remote sites. Delivery by motor vehicle may be required.
  • Completes specialty cart preparation and stocking.
  • Cleans assigned secondary areas (shelves and bins) in accordance with aseptic principles as published in infection control guidelines, local Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Joint Commission standards as scheduled.
  •  As needed, assists in other functional areas of the Section and performs other duties as assigned. Receives supplies and material into the VA Health Care System and supported catchment area. Unpacks/uncrates supplies from shipping cartons; properly stores supplies and material in main/primary inventory areas. Stores items in accordance with established guidelines, utilizing a computerized inventory system, to ensure sterility and integrity of the supplies and material and the data integrity of the inventory management system. Through periodic inventory and discussion with ward and clinical personnel, maintains stock levels, returns reusable supplies to the distribution area, and informs clinic and ward personnel on new or changed items and supplies, current medical supply resources, and shelf life. Performs other duties as assigned

Job Requirements


  • High School
  • Minimum 1 year of experience as a Supply Tech
  • Must possess knowledge and experience with safe handling, storage and distribution of supplies.
  • Must be familiar with Joint Commission (JC), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), Association Operating Room Nurses (AORN), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommendation, regulations and standards of practice.
  • Must be familiar with the VA’s computer system
  • Must possess knowledge of standard supply management procedures to perform work involving inventory and excess material management. Knowledge and ability to interpret policies, procedures, manuals, and regulations pertaining to supply/inventory management and federal acquisition systems.
  • Must possess knowledge related to stock rotation, hazard alerts and recalls to ensure outdated or otherwise compromised supplies and material are removed from usage area.
  • Must possess of an automated inventory system to monitor issues and receipts in support of stock replenishment processes. Requires analytical ability to define and recognize problems, to collect applicable data and make recommendations for a solution.
  • Must be computer proficient and knowledgeable with MS Office products.
  • Requires knowledge of the names of the different supply items including the trays and sets, and a general understanding of how items are used in case the user refers to them by another name.
  • Requires knowledge of the availability, economic use, operation, and integration of aseptic procedures into the total health care program.
  • Requires knowledge and general understanding of terminology and items related to specialty carts to ensure carts are built appropriately. Requires knowledge of item descriptions, medical and surgical terminology established work methods, and recognized priorities of the clinical areas served.
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.
  • This position requires standing and walking during the entire workday, and frequent reaching, bending and lifting of supply packages (occasionally weighing as much as 50 pounds). Work requires pushing loaded carts of medical supplies (weighing in excess of 100+ pounds). With proper assistance, moves heavier items’ weighing over 40 pounds


Location Alamosa, CO - Alamosa, CO 81101 US
Albuquerque, NM - US
Atlanta - Atlanta, GA 30305 US
Aurora, CO - Aurora, CO 80010 US
Big Spring, TX - US
Biloxi, MS - US
Birmingham, AL - US (Primary)
Burlington, CO - Burlington, CO 80807 US
Colorado Springs - Colorado Springs, CO 80820 US
Columbia, MO - US
Dallas - Dallas, TX 75205 US
Denver, Colorado - Denver, CO US
Ft. Carson, CO - Ft. Carson, CO 80902 US
Golden, CO - Golden, CO 80401 US
Harlingen, TX - US
Huntsville, AL - US
Kansas City, MO - Kansas City, MO US
Lakewood, CO - Lakewood, CO 80123 US
Lamar, CO - LaMar, CO 81052 US
Montgomery AL - Montgomery,, AL 36107 US
Oklahoma City, OK - US
Phoenix - US
Prescott, AZ - US
Pueblo, CO - Pueblo, CO 81001 US
Salida, CO - Salida, CO 81201 US
San Antonio, TX - US
San Diego, CA - US
St. Louis, MO - St. Louis, MO US
Tuscaloosa, AL - US
Tuskegee, AL - US
Waco, TX - US
Wichita, KS - US
Category Medical




Shipping and Receiving-Warehousing,   Supplier Management-Vendor Management  


AL,   AK,   AZ,   AR,   CA,   CO,   CT,   DE,   DC,   FL,   GA,   HI,   ID,   IL,   IN,   IA,   KS,   KY,   LA,   ME,   MD,   MA,   MI,   MN,   MS,   MO,   MT,   NE,   NV,   NH,   NJ,   NM,   NY,   NC,   ND,   OH,   OK,   OR,   PA,   RI,   SC,   SD,   TN,   TX,   UT,   VT,   VA,   WA,   WV,   WI,   WY  

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