May 15, 2020

Technical Publications Summer Internship (2020)

  • Inficon
  • East Syracuse, NY, USA
Intern Publishing - Printing

Job Description

    • Look for and apply grammar standards and style rules to publications using the INFICON Global Branding Standards, INFICON Grammar Standards, the Chicago Manual of Style, etc.
    • Assist with the transfer of content to a content management system. This transfer will include taking current documents created in Adobe FrameMaker and moving them into the new structured authoring platform. The transfer will include all text and images that support the current document and variable tables containing the product's specifications.
    • To help bring consistency to INFICON's technical documentation, update and organize a master list of all the Danger, Warning and Caution messaging in our technical documentation.
    • Work with various colleagues to update current documentation in the structured authoring system.

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