May 25, 2020

Diagnostic Scheduler Houston, TX

  • Veterans Evaluation Services, Inc
  • Houston, TX
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Job Description

Diagnostic Scheduler

Regular Full-Time Houston, TX, US30+ days agoRequisition ID: 1569

General Job Summary:

Scheduling diagnostic appointments for veterans within time and distance guidelines set by VA. Working to find and negotiate appointments that are the most convenient for veterans as far as date and time of service and distance traveled. Communicating with facilities to ensure they have all necessary veteran information, pertinent billing information and Doctor credentialing information pertaining to VES and its affiliates.

Essential Job Functions:

1) Schedule veterans based on regional availability of facilities, availability of veterans and VA expectations while utilizing mapping software and other tools;
2) Prioritize scheduling based on VA and VES expectations;
3) Act as a point of contact for facilities in order to certify that veterans are seen according to VES guidelines and in a timely manner;
4) Access vendor websites and materials to coordinate shipping;
5) Assist diagnostic management with reschedules while adhering to internal and VA guidelines;
6) Ensure that all HIPAA standards are met throughout the scheduling and CAPS process;
7) Calculate mileage for VBA cases to safeguard the compensation of veterans for travel to Diagnostic appointments;
8) Assist diagnostic uploaders with redundancy checks by cross referencing facility correspondence with VES databases to ensure all diagnostic results have been received;
9) Assists add-on scheduler with last minute scheduling requests from the QA dept.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

1) Checks voicemail and email throughout the day to respond to facility and veteran inquires;
2) Attend to fellow Diagnostic Scheduler’s cases in the event that they are unable to do so. Including, but not limited to, refaxing orders, communicating with facilities, veterans, and various VES departments;
3) Communicating, through managerial staff, ways in which various departments could improve performance to ensure the completion of VES cases in the best possible manner;
4) Provide assistance to various individuals in other VES departments directly in relation to specific VES cases;
5) Occasionally convincing veterans verbally over the phone to complete required testing when it falls outside of their availability;
6) Maintain facility information and obtain up-to-date contact information for facilities in order to execute a cohesive scheduling process;
7) Continued monitoring of improvements in ICD10 coding, to certify that veterans are being seen for correct diagnosis;
8) Other duties as assigned.


1) High levels of organization, time management, job prioritization, multi-tasking and interpersonal skills necessary to provide effective work atmosphere and to develop as well as to maintain a productive working relationship with staff members, veterans, physicians and VA;
2) Effective and concise communication skills necessary to provide information in a courteous and comprehensive fashion (oral and written) with the goal of positive resolution(s);
3) Proficient working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point;
4) Advanced multi-tasking skills;
5) Knowledge of medical terminology;
6) Knowledge of company policies and procedures.

Working Conditions:

1) Casual office environment with moderate noise level;
2) Minimal lifting required;
3) Job involves sitting in front of computer for many hours;
4) Extended hours occasionally required beyond the standard eight hour work day. Based off of work-load, and pending approval by managerial staff.

Minimum Level of Preparation and Training:

1) High School diploma or GED required;
2) Some College preferred.






Security Clearance

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