Mar 30, 2020

Production Manager

  • Wiley X, Inc.
Full-Time Manufacturing

Job Description

Job Summary:


Manages the lens cutting and assembly teams to ensure that on time delivery, cost, and quality standards are achieved. Coordinates and plans work schedules, staffing requirements, and production sequences to maximize productivity. Identifies problems related to production process and provides production reports to assist process improvement. Suggests and implements improvements to processes, is a knowledge resource for other team members. Ensures a safe, clean and respectful working environment in all production areas.


Responsibilities & Essential Functions:

  1. Plan and maintain production schedule based on demand, labor resources, material supply, equipment efficiency and production output.
  2. Provide leadership, guidance and motivation to lens cutting and assembly operations.
  3. Maintain all documents and records required for production including changes and production metrics.
  4. Ensure production stays on schedule and within budget.
  5. Direct inventory organization including cycle counts, storage, and distribution of assembly kits.
  6. Manage and evaluate machine resources and maintenance to ensure productivity and minimal downtime.
  7. Oversee a workforce of 20+ employees across one or more shifts. Hire, train and evaluate workers and monitor performance.
  8. Collaborate with QA & Design and Development to ensure all products meet standards required.
  9. Establish and maintain workflow policies that enhance efficiency without compromising product safety or integrity.
  10. Recommend cost reduction initiatives while maintaining quality standards.
  11. Analyze manufacturing data and identify opportunities for improvement and efficiencies.
  12. Direct corrective actions of any production problems that arise.
  13. Identify and implement preventative strategies to minimize risk.
  14. Identify improvements to be made in the supply concerning delivery of goods in correct quantities and packaging.
  15. Oversee manufacturing orders in ERP system and accurately record material usage and labor hours.
  16. Monitor quality and labor variances, promptly escalating awareness of any variances beyond established tolerances.
  17. Adhere to all company policies and procedures.


General-Other: Production-Operations  



Security Clearance

NO Security Clearance

Job Requirements

Minimum Experience required:

10+ years of experience manufacturing operations and ERP systems

5+ years of management experience

Preferred: Experience and understanding of the with ISO 9001 standard requirements for production

Preferred: Lean manufacturing experience and/or certification

Desired: Prior military experience

Desired: BA degree industrial engineering


Skills Required:

Excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, deals with a wide range of employees

Excellent organization and project management skills with focus on resource planning

Proven track record of successfully training employees in productivity and safety

Ability to coach and mentor employees on a one-on-one basis as well as a group

Strong Excel and standard Microsoft Office software.

Familiar with standard concepts, regulations, and procedures in this field.

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