Mar 06, 2020

Logistics Management Specialist Naval Station Great Lakes, Great Lakes IL

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  • Naval Station Great Lakes, Great Lakes IL
Contractor Defense Government Logistics Management Other Supply Chain

Job Description

Logistics Management Specialist   WORK LOCATION: Naval Station Great Lakes, Great Lakes IL   Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage all logistics involved with this program
  • Distribute and appropriately handle and maintain inventories necessary to training (e.g. medical gear, training supplies, training equipment, gym equipment, instructor, and student gear issues).
  • Coordinate with the OIC to ensure that the students receive the necessary gear/equipment to train. Communicate with the OIC to maintain inventory levels for all required student gear at all times.
  • Direct, develop, and perform logistics management operations that involve planning, coordinating, and evaluating the logistical actions required to support the NSW Preparatory Course.
  • Track inventory of material purchased or furnished by NSWCEN to include but not limited to training equipment and gear issued to students
  • Recommend the specific requirements for inventory levels and material, and correlate those requirements with program plans to ensure that the required materials are provided at the right time and place.
  • Possess working knowledge of agency program planning, funding, and management information systems (computer programs), as well as a broad knowledge of logistical support.
  • Possess specialized knowledge of logistics support activities involved including, but not limited to, maintaining inventory of all student and instructor equipment, as well as Government property. Organize and enter data into logistics information systems. Coordinate with OIC on facilities, budget, transportation, and procurement functions. Integrate the separate functions of planning and implementing them into a logistics management program.
  • Coordinate with the OIC to perform resource allocation requirements to include, but not limited to, effective programming, management, allocation, and execution of program resources. Submit Unfunded Requirements (UFR's) to OIC for both facility upgrades and appropriated fund requests enhancing student equipment for Naval Special Warfare Preparatory Course.

Minimum Job Requirements:

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