Feb 11, 2020

Program Security Officer Las Vegas Valley, Nevada

  • Armada Ltd.
  • Nellis AFB, Nevada
Full-Time Defense Government Information Technology (IT) Other Program Management

Job Description

Type: Full Time

Location: Nellis AFB - Las Vegas Valley, NV

Reports To: ARMADA HQ

Security Clearance Required:  Active Top Secret / SCI

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: The Program Security Officer (PSO) performs security services in all of the specialized security areas (personnel, information, physical, operational, SAP, OPSEC, COMSEC), applying incident management, problem solving, task performance and producing finished documentation; e.g., reports, special studies, policy and procedure development, security designs, training programs and assessments. Provides research and technical support to projects, producing solutions and documentation. Monitors project tasks and schedules. Supports high intensity exercises and events which often include Joint and/or Coalition participants.


Security Management (53%)

  • Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) & Operating Instructions (OI). Develop and maintain comprehensive SOPs and OIs outlining the security policies and guidance for conducting STO, CW, AF SAP, SCI, ACCM and collateral classified activities.
  • Self-Reviews. Perform comprehensive annual or semiannual self-reviews, as applicable, for STO, CW, AF SAP, SCI, ACCM and collateral security programs using the appropriate inspection checklists provided by the respective program's Cognizant Security Authority (CSA) and/or policy directives.
  • Security Incidents. Identify, report, investigate (if applicable) and document security incidents (violations, infractions and inadvertent disclosures) of 505 CCW and/or subordinate units STO, CW, AF SAP, SCI, ACCM and collateral classified activities in accordance with the provisions outlined in applicable security policy directives.
  • Continuity Books. Develop and maintain comprehensive continuity books identifying points of contact, outlining guidance and procedures, and providing specific examples for executing the following security mission areas, as applicable: information security, personnel security, physical security, information systems security, COMSEC, OPSEC, industrial security, foreign disclosure, SETA, and systems administration.
  • Exercise/Event Support. Assist in scheduling resources, manning, and planning required to support Wing-sponsored/hosted exercises and events. Attend planning conferences and meetings, participate in security site surveys, and interface with host-base offices to acquire support for event security.
  • USM Handbooks, Documents, and Records. Ensure USM Handbooks contain all required information in accordance with local policy, and documents and records are readily accessible during security inspections.
  • Facility Security Management. Provide Security and Facility Management functions IAW local policy. Maintain all records including SCI indoctrination, network accreditations, SCI Special Security Representative, and Facility Manager handbooks.

Personnel Security. (18%)

  • Billet/Quota Management. Assist in the management of STO, CW and AF SAP personnel billets/quotas. Maintain applicable automated databases consisting of all billets/quotas allocated to 505 CCW and assist in the conduct of annual billet/quota revalidations. Billet revalidation records will be retained on file locally in accordance with applicable policy directives.
  • SAP Nomination. Conduct pre-screening interviews in accordance with DoD, Joint Staff, and Air Force policy guidance for all personnel nominated for STO, CW, and/or AF SAP access. When applicable, enter the nominee's organization, PII, and access requirements into the Joint Access Database Environment (JADE).
  • Indoctrination and Debrief Paperwork. Upon receipt of SCI, STO, CW or AF SAP access approval (or subsequent debrief), prepare the appropriate paperwork and schedule time for the nominee to receive a formal indoctrination briefing and initial security training. Process all signed forms in accordance with established local procedures, and maintain within the individual’s respective PSF or archive, as appropriate.

Physical Security. (14%)

  • Facility Accreditation. Ensure SCI/SAP Facilities (SCIFs/SAPFs), collateral controlled/open storage areas, and Temporary Secure Working Areas (TSWA) comply with the physical security standards outlined in Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705, DoD Manual 5205.07 Volume 3, and/or all other applicable directives and established host base policies.
  • Emergency Actions Plan (EAP). Develop and maintain comprehensive EAPs to establish procedures and outline responsibilities of assigned personnel for safeguarding classified information during an emergency situation.
  • Facility Access. Provide oversight of entry control into secure facilities by controlling the movement of permanent party, students and visitors via electronic security systems and performing escort duties, as necessary.

Exercise/Event Security Support. (7%)

  • Exercise/Event Security Support. Provide similar security support during exercises/events; this support is in addition to the normal workday.

Information Security. (5%)

  • Classified Reproduction. Monitor reproduction equipment and provide guidance to all personnel on the proper procedures for reproducing classified documents.
  • Classified Destruction. Provide guidance on proper procedures for the destruction of classified information.

Foreign Disclosure. (1%)

  • Foreign Disclosure Scope/Responsibilities. Provide full support as an alternate to the Foreign Disclosure Officer (FDO) on all Foreign Disclosure matters.

Operations Security (OPSEC). (.5%)

  • OPSEC Plan. Develop and maintain comprehensive OPSEC plans and Critical Information Lists (CIL), which identify specific unit responsibilities and describes how to implement an OPSEC program; existing plans and lists will be provided by the government upon contract award.

Security Education and Training Awareness (SETA). (.5%)

  • SETA Scope/Responsibilities. Provide direct support and assistance in day-to-day administration of the overall SETA program in accordance with applicable policy directives and local requirements.

Industrial Security. (.5%)

  • Industrial Security Scope/Responsibilities. Assist in maintaining a current listing of the key on-base management officials and other applicable parties.


  • Knowledgeable of information security, personnel, physical, OPSEC
  • Ability to provide security education and training
  • Skilled in developing and maintaining comprehensive SOPs and OIs outlining the security policies and guidance


  • 9 year’s relevant experience (3 specialized)


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent



Computer-Network Security  



Security Clearance

Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI)

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