Feb 01, 2020

Senior Safety Specialist

  • Construction Jobs Inc
  • Washington, DC, USA

Job Description

This position is based in Piscataway, MD at our WRRF Bio Energy Project.  The individual in this position is responsible for implementing and maintaining PC's “Zero Accidents—No Excuses” philosophy. This person will work closely with project leadership to create a safe working environment for our employees. Depending on project size and complexity, this position may include planning all the site safety activities and supervising safety employees. This individual may oversee multiple projects in a region.

Generally, the individual in this position possesses a four year degree in a related field and two years of construction safety experience or, a high school diploma and five years of construction safety experience, a CHST Certification, OSHA 510 and 500 Certifications, First Aid and CPR Certifications, Safety Train-the-Trainer Certification, knowledge of Building and/or Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Plant construction, and competent person status in the following areas: excavation, confined space, and fall protection. Desired certifications include Emergency Medical Technician Certification. Language skills, strong English language skills (speaking, reading, writing) are required. The ability to speak and understand Spanish is preferred.

Safety and Health

  • Ensure PC’s safety policies are in keeping with OSHA, other safety regulations and company initiatives.
  • Assist project teams in the preparation of site-specific safety programs.
  • Communicate all Company safety initiatives to ensure the highest level of awareness.
  • Assist project teams in planning safety into upcoming activities.
  • Ensure there are competent people on site as required for existing and upcoming site conditions.
  • Regularly visit all projects in the area of responsibility.
  • Attend ZAPP meetings, at least 3 times per month, and provide suggestions for improvement as appropriate.
  • May conduct weekly safety meetings.
  • Conduct subcontractor safety preconstruction meetings.
  • Model safe work practices, including wearing personal protective devices.
  • Correct any safety violations immediately and report any major or systemic violations to the responsible site supervisor.
  • Enforce the site-specific safety plan.
  • Observe work habits of employees and subcontractors and provide on-the-spot training to correct unsafe work habits. Give feedback to project supervisors and Regional Safety Manager (RSM).
  • Communicate safety issues to owner/owner representative.
  • Enforce compliance with PC’s safety policies, OSHA, and other safety regulations with both PC employees and subcontractors.  
  • Ensure the Company’s safety policies and procedures are being applied consistently across all projects under responsibility.
  • Conduct job site inspections and prepare reports to supervisors and subcontractors.
  • Investigate unsafe acts and enforce disciplinary procedures as determined by the Safety Review Committee.
  • Investigate accidents, prepare reports for review by RSM. Distribute reports to appropriate recipients.
  • Assist and work with the Risk Manager and RSM regarding accident investigations.
  • Conduct drug testing.
  • Administer first aid as needed.
  • Ensure OSHA inspections are conducted properly and in accordance with company policies.
  • Conduct mock OSHA inspections.
  • Generate Safety Audit reports and evaluations for distribution to project teams and project executives.
  • Conduct safety record audits to ensure all safety related records are accurate and up to date.
  • Conduct required project safety training.
  • Develop and deliver job-specific safety training as needed.
  • Administer Job Site Specific Safety Incentive Award Program.


  • Ensure compliance with discrimination, harassment, Equal Employment Opportunity policies.
  • Conduct New Employee Safety Orientation.
  • If a Regional Safety Manager is not on site;
    • Supervise the safety staff
    • Assign tasks, areas of responsibility and performance requirements to develop direct reports.
    • Resolve disputes between co-workers when they impact performance.
    • Develop and build teams. Encourage and build trust, respect and cooperation among team members.
    • Conduct Performance Development Meetings with administrative direct reports.
    • Set development goals and monitor progress with direct reports.
    • Prepare and phase daily/weekly timesheets for Safety Representatives and/or Specialist.
    • Evaluate the status of supervisory employees’ completion of required training. Conduct training or arrange outside training resources as appropriate.
    • Conduct training for PC Employees on policies, procedures, means, and methods within area of expertise.


  • Able to professionally interact with owners, owner’s representatives, project managers, superintendents, and foremen.
  • Report progress on assigned tasks to supervisor.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of sensitive employee and/or company information.
  • Assist other team members as needed to meet the team's goals.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

Special Considerations

  • Work in excess of a 40-hour work week may be required.
  • Must be able to physically access working areas of a construction project site.
  • Must be able to travel to project sites as needed to perform essential duties.
  • Assignments may span multiple projects at multiple locations.
  • Relocation may be required.
  • Must be able to physically operate a computer, including keyboard and mouse.
  • Must be able to travel to meet with PC management, clients, vendors, partners, or associations; or to attend conferences or training, as needed to perform essential duties.
  • Administer first aid and provide transportation for injured employee to receive medical assistance.


PC Construction is 100% employee owned providing general contracting, construction management and design-build services for Commercial, Education & Campus, Health Care, Hospitality & Resort, Manufacturing & Industrial, and Water Treatment projects. Steeped in over a half century of experience, PC uses innovative construction methods and problem-solving approaches to respond uniquely and specifically to each customer's needs - from multi-million dollar projects, to projects over $250 million. We hold consistent rankings in ENR as a top contractor, and maintain our corporate office in Vermont, with regional offices in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, and Georgia.

PC Construction Company does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status, genetic information, family medical history, disability, or other characteristics which are or may be protected by law. We urge qualified minorities and women to apply. An Equal Opportunity Employer



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