Jan 23, 2020

Survey Party Chief

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  • Austin, TX, USA

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Survey Party Chief

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Austin Job 1706
Austin, Texas

Working Title: Survey Party Chief

Supervisor: Superintendent or Area Manager 

General Description of Position: The Area Survey Party Chief is the area office’s principle surveyor, responsible for maintaining high quality performance of construction surveying on our area projects.

Essential functions and responsibilities listed below:

1. Construction surveying personnel do not report directly to the Area Party Chief. However, it remains the Surveying Chief’s responsibility to provide training and development of construction surveying personnel.
2. Work with construction surveyors to develop skills, such as:

* Interpreting contract drawings
* Performing calculations
* Learning how to use the company’s surveying software
* Building Digital Terrain Models
* Discovering conflicts in the geometry of the contract drawings early enough to avoid delay to the project
* Proper use of the surveying equipment
* Surveying methods
* Speed and accuracy
* Correcting mistakes
* Measuring and calculating production quantities
* Knowledge of Terramodel, Trimble Business Center, CAD, and GPS

3. Provide direct, constructive feedback to construction surveyors on their specific needs for improvement.
4. Report on the progress of construction surveyors to the area manager, project managers, project superintendents and project engineers.
5. Assist in recruiting new construction surveying personnel.

Construction Surveying:
1. Study the contract documents for each new project
2. Assist construction surveyors in discovering and resolving conflicts in the contract drawings and specifications and at the interface between our work and the work of subcontractors.
3. Ensure that sound surveying methods and techniques are practiced on each of our projects.
4. Ensure that shop drawings and submittals are studied in order to coordinate their information with geometry of the contract drawing.
5. Ensure that the project engineer receives assistance from construction surveyors in the preparation of the following construction drawings:


* Dewatering Plans
* Excavation Layouts
* Formwork Drawings
* Concrete Lift Drawings
* Underground pipe, line drawings
* Beam and other heavy lift erection plans
* Falsework and shoring plans
* Earthwork Mass Haul Diagrams

6. Ensure that construction surveyors become intimately familiar with the contract documents so that they gain good working knowledge of the Project.
7. Ensure that construction surveyors study project schedules in order to anticipate project surveying needs in advance
8. Facilitate the development of mass haul diagrams
9. Perform the duties of a construction surveyor when necessary

Quality Control:
1. Ensure that Quality Control checks of our work are performed on an ongoing basis.
2. Ensure that as-built drawings are maintained on our projects and kept up to date.

1. Ensure that all surveying equipment is properly cared for. Make arrangements to repair when necessary.
2. Maintain written inventory of all surveying equipment.
3. Make recommendations for the acquisition of new surveying equipment and software.

Ensure that field engineers assist project engineers in checking materials that are received for quantities and quality.

Project Administration:
Ensure that field engineers assist the project engineer in preparing and/or reconciling the Owner pay estimates by measuring and recording quantities on a daily basis.

Education: Civil Engineer, Construction Technology, or Construction Science Degree and ten (10) years of experience

Other Requirements: Must have current valid driver’s license and have a safe driving record.




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