Feb 19, 2020

FAA Master Rigger

  • Advanced Concepts Enterprises, inc
  • Moody AFB, GA, USA
Full-Time Aerospace - Aviation Defense Other Skilled Labor

Job Description

Job Description:
1.) Performs inspection, packing, fabrication and repair work on Military Javelin/Vector, SOV-III, RA-1, TS-14/15 Tandem, MC1-1D, MC-6, T-11R, G-12 Cargo, G-11 Cargo, T-10 Cargo, Military Tandem Tethered Bundle Butler, 15Ft Extraction, J-1 Spotter and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Parachute systems assemblies and related subcomponents.
2.) Shall inspect, repair, assemble, pack, and certify for airworthiness the military free fall, static line, cargo and any mission related parachutes. Additionally, FAA Riggers will perform
maintenance and repairs on parachutist oxygen equipment and perform cargo drop rigging.
3.) Shall operate commercial grade and light duty sewing machines, installs grommets and snaps, and uses other equipment and tools in connection with cutting, assembling, fitting,
basting, stitching, and installing. Operations may be performed under field conditions.
4.) Shall perform critical structural repairs on ram-air parachutes, harnesses, container assemblies, and certified emergency reserve parachutes utilizing FAA/manufactured specific
techniques and procedures utilizing approved materials. Manufactures and replaces critical component parts, including suspension lines, control lines, pilot chutes, and bridles. Review technical data to determine all repairs are correct and complete.
5.) Shall perform the complete overhaul, repair, and calibration on unit specific automatic parachute activation devices. Inspects and evaluates condition of units for proper operation. Troubleshoot, overhaul, and repair units IAW applicable technical orders and/or COTS manuals.  Tests, adjusts, and calibrates units for precise tolerances. Review all technical data to determine all repairs are correct and complete.
6.) Shall routinely set up and operate a variety of altimeter test chambers to insure correct bench marks of both speed and altitude are maintained during the testing process.
7.) Shall document all equipment inspections in Flight Equipment Records Management System or similar databases in accordance with AFI 11-301v1 ACC Sup.
8.) Shall perform and document In Process Inspections (IPI) on all military freefall, static line and cargo parachutes in accordance with AFI 11-301v1 ACC Sup. Additionally, FAA Rigger perform, document and track negative trends on Quality Control Inspections in accordance with AFI 11-301v1 ACC Sup.

Possess knowledge and proficiency of a wide range of maintenance concepts, principles, and practices of parachute systems assemblies and related subcomponents. All systems in use classified as non- standard parachute systems. These systems are not found in the typical military inventory and include back style ram- air type and round main parachutes, ram-air reserve parachutes, chest-style reserve parachutes, single harness dual-parachute container systems, dual harness-dual parachute container systems, Cybernetic and pneumatic/mechanical automatic activation devices. Technical knowledge is required to properly ascertain if a certain maintenance procedures will adversely affect the dynamic flight characteristics of each different parachute system. Also, have specialized practical and theoretical knowledge of assigned systems/equipment and skill in applying this knowledge to difficult and unusual situations. Each component part of the parachute system is manufactured by different manufactures. Knowledge and proficiency of a variety of different parachutes, harness/containers, and automatic activation devises is essential for proper operation and use.

PLEASE SUBMIT RESUMES TO:  Rhonda.Coffey@ur-aces.com


Equipment Install-Maintain-Repair  



Security Clearance

Active Secret

Job Requirements

Individual shall provide/possess a certified FAA Master Rigger Certificate. Individual shall possess experience with chest and back style parachute rating and able to obtain “Secret” security clearance. Past military experience and military parachute certifications is highly preferred.

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