Feb 04, 2020

Supply Technician/Medical Logistics - (BTL 20T 506.19) Wright Patterson AFB Dayton, OH, US

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  • Wright Patterson AFB Dayton, OH, US
Full-Time Defense Government Health Care Logistics Other Supply Chain Warehouse

Job Description

Full-time Job Title Supply Technician/Medical Logistics Job Description


The United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine/En Route Care Training Department. These training platform(s) partnered with Saint Louis University, University of Maryland Medical Center, University of Cincinnati, University of Nebraska Medical Center and University Medical Center, Las Vegas provides advanced critical care, trauma, and infectious disease training for DoD medical personnel to assist with medical currency, comprehensive medical readiness skills, and deployment training  

*This Position Is Contingent upon Contract Award*


The Supply Technician while providing  medical/Logistical support to USAFSAMs En Route Care Training Department, Wright-Patterson, OH Technical Operations branch, will acts as the medical logistics department’s point of contact for all Centers for the Sustainment of Trauma & Readiness Skills (C-STARS)/Critical Care Air Transport (CCAT)/Sustained Medical and Readiness Trained (SMART) and other programs in development.  These duties and responsibilities also include the formal courses: Flight Nurse/Air Evacuation Technician (FN/AET), Ground Surgical Team Page 2 of 8 (GST), and Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) initial. Held at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.  Duties of the position include, but are not limited to:

  • Provides medical logistical supply support for all faculty assigned to C-STARS training platforms. To include the following Geographically Separated Units (GSU) C- STARS St Louis, C-STARS Baltimore, C-STARS Cincinnati (CCATT), C-STARS Omaha, and SMART RCS Las Vegas.
  • Ensures all C-STARS, SMART, and local formal courses meet all medical logistical operational supply needs and wartime readiness requirements throughout the supply chain.  
  • Process customer orders, stock, and re-supply medical logistical items. This will includes removing all outdated or expired items from the storage shelves.
  • Performs inventory and documentation of supply stock utilizing Defense Medical Standard Support system (DMLSS). Makes adjustments to stock levels as directed and manages excess processes and credit returns.  
  • Performs quality control on transaction records and files documents appropriately.
  • Researches quality assurance messages utilizing DMLSS and coordinates affected products/recalls with affected work centers.  
  • Performs research on troubled orders, aged due-ins, and finds alternative solutions while keeping customers informed of progress.
  • Issues, exchanges, fills, resupplies medical first aid kits.  
  • Provide forward logistics support to warehouse personnel as needed. This includes assisting with the delivery of supplies, equipment, or furniture to customer accounts within USAFSAM/ERC. To include outlying buildings/training pads attached to the organization. Ensures warehouse/equipment room quality control, cleanliness, and aesthetics are maintained weekly.  
  • Ensure proper handling and storage of medical gases IAW applicable AFI’s and local safety guidelines; monitors exchange process.  
  • Responsible for the coordination scheduling and transportation requests for the turn-in of unserviceable medical equipment, supplies, and furniture. This includes handling the proper turn-in, documentation and scheduling equipment/supplies to the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO) and base transportation.
  • Responsible for the coordination scheduling of all medical equipment required for preventative maintenance (quality checks) and/or initial equipment assignments which, will be performed by the Bio-Medical Equipment Technicians (BMETS).
  • Responsible for the taking care of department vehicle assets on a daily basis. This will include the proper maintenance scheduling, fuel requirements, daily/monthly vehicle inspections, and general inside/outside vehicle cleanliness to include washing and vacuum.  


Job Requirements


  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • 4 years of experience in Medical logistical management to include Unit Task Code (UTC) deployment Allowance Standards (AS) logistical supply chain management. To include general supply activities, ordering, receiving, customer support, inventory management, warehousing and operation of various materials handling equipment
  • 12 months of experience within the last 36 months working in a Medical Logistical Warehouse environment.
  • Previous experience in medical logistical support utilizing the DMLSS management tool for basic/routine ordering, receiving, selecting, and chain management procedures within the ERC department is mandatory.  
  • Previous experience in the management of government purchasing utilizing the Government Purchase Card (GPC) system.  
  • Must have or be able to obtain driving privileges and be able to drive up to a 1.5-ton stake bed truck and 4-10K forklifts for the delivery of medical equipment, supplies, and furniture.
  • A valid driver’s license is required for this position.
  • Must be able to travel as required
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen
  • Work is a combination of sedentary duties as well as light to moderate physical effort. Requirements include walking, standing, reaching, bending and moving items also required to lift and/or carry weight over 45 pounds. Works periodically on hard surfaces.  
  • Work is performed indoors/outdoors and in an environment involving everyday risks or discomforts which require normal safety precautions. The area is adequately lighted, heated and ventilated.

Location Wright Patterson AFB - Dayton, OH US (Primary)
Category Medical Shift Type


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Equipment-Forklift-Crane Operation,   General-Other: Logistics-Transportation  



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