Nov 19, 2019

#1365: Air Traffic Controller Naval Air Station Point Mugu, CA, US

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Air Traffic Controller

Full Time Naval Air Station Point Mugu, CA, US30+ days agoRequisition ID: 1365


The incumbent serves as an Air Traffic Control Specialist in the ATC/RCO Section of the Sea Range Test Ops Branch, Pacific Range Operations Division, Range Department.    

The Section is responsible for conducting and supporting real-time test and evaluation and training operations on the Sea Range. These operations may involve aircraft, ships and surface craft, subsurface vessels, vast amounts of tracking and data collection instrumentation, and the employment of various warfare systems including active missiles.    

Travel may be required to exchange information with personnel at related activities.    

The incumbent will receive training on Sea Range Military Radar Unit (MRU) procedures/policy from government personnel which will include daily training evaluations.    

The incumbent is expected to fully certify as a Plead Controller prior to reaching 120 hours on position.    



Aircraft Monitoring and Direction 35%    

The incumbent monitors and directs aircraft movement as indicated on air traffic display consoles; provides routing separation to aircraft operating under both Instrument Flight Rules and Visual Flight Rules; performs transfers of information with ATC facilities, precision profile vectors, and services requested from distressed aircraft. The incumbent vectors aircraft to remain clear from non-participating aircraft, drones, hazardous operations, and hazardous airspace. Advises pilots when to climb, descend, turn, and adjust speed. Additionally, the incumbent performs non-radar duties when radar data is not available. The incumbent is regularly faced with peaks of heavy air traffic. Pilot experience varies from highly-trained instrument rated military personnel to non-instrument rated civilian pilots.      

Equipment Operation 30%    

The incumbent operates UHF, VHF, and HF communications gear and various air traffic display consoles. System checks are performed on all consoles and any equipment anomalies are reported immediately to equipment maintenance personnel.    

Target Monitoring 25%    

The incumbent identifies drone targets, determines aircraft speeds, and initiates procedures to avoid endangering personnel and property. Provides pilots with target altitude, speed, and heading to ensure flight safety.    

Provides Training 10%    

The incumbent provides training for developmental and intermediate level air traffic controllers including constructive critiques of performance and advice for improvement.    

Experience/Education Required    

a. Prior training and certification as an Air Traffic Control Specialist according to Federal Aviation Administration standards.    

b. Knowledge of the principles and methodology of range safety, test conducting, air intercept control, and air traffic control. Competence in a minimum of two of these specialties, including air traffic control, but preferably all of these specialties is required for this position.    

c. Practical knowledge of the capability and limitations of weapons and weapons support systems.    

The Government makes assignments in very broad terms, including only general objectives and relative priorities for satisfactory completion of work. The incumbent independently determines approaches and resolves controversial problems within established policies, precedents, and administrative regulations. The incumbent's decisions and actions are based on sound judgment, are the final authority over the aspects of the Sea Range Air Traffic Controller function, and are modified only if clear violations of "reasonable action" make it imperative.      

Aside from procedures set by the FAA for air traffic control, guidelines are often inadequate in dealing with more complex or unusual problems. Guidelines consist of broadly stated Test Operations Division and NAWCWPNS regulations or policy statements. They also include test plans and specifications, pertinent scientific information, operations procedures, review of earlier tests, and Range Safety instructions.    

As a Sea Range Air Traffic Controller, the incumbent exercises creativity and experienced judgment in recognizing new directions for achieving desired results, and in extending traditional techniques and developing novel approaches to solving obscure problems which typically involve combinations of complex features.    

Personal contacts include a variety of officials, managers, engineers, test conductors, technicians, operations support personnel and contractor personnel. There are also contacts with other Federal Government agencies, West Coast fleet activities, and private industry. Contacts with the above personnel provide an opportunity to plan and coordinate test efforts and to discuss the technical and safety requirements of project missions. Contact with other agencies is required to exchange general information, to brief particular operational needs, and to review procedures after the completion of Range operations.    



CONTACT: Pamela Toro: 951.543.9003

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