Nov 01, 2019

Computer Operator III

  • DynCorp International LLC
  • Patuxent River, MD, USA
Full-Time Defense Facilities Logistics Program Management Transportation

Job Description

Job Summary


Principle Accountabilities
  • Monitors and operates the control console of either a mainframe digital computer or a group of minicomputers, in accordance with operating instructions, to process data.
  • Work is characterized by the following duties:
    • Studies operating instructions to determine equipment setup needed.
    • Loads equipment with required items (tapes, cards, paper, etc.).
    • Switches necessary auxiliary equipment into system.
    • Starts and operates control console.
    • Diagnoses and corrects equipment malfunctions.
    • Reviews error messages and makes corrections during operation or refers problems.
    • Maintains operating record.
  • May test run programs and assist in modifying systems or programs. Included within the scope of this definition are trainees working to become fully qualified operators, and lead operators providing technical assistance to lower level positions.
  • Processes a range of scheduled routines.
  • In addition to operating the system and resolving common error conditions, diagnoses and acts on machine stoppage and error conditions not fully covered by existing procedures and guidelines (e.g., resetting switches and other controls or making mechanical adjustments to maintain or restore equipment operations).
  • In response to computer output instructions or error conditions, may deviate from standard procedures if standard procedures to not provide a solution.
  • Refers problems which do not respond to corrective procedures.

Knowledge & Skills
  • Knowledge of mainframe digital computers, networks, and control consoles.
  • Know-ledge of programming to the level to modify existing software and write routine programs.

Experience & Education
  • High school or equivalent required. Completion of computer operating courses is desired.
  • Minimum of three (3) years actual and recent experience in computer operations and programming.
  • Personnel with this classification must be specialized in the following SCA Occupational Codes:
    • 14043- Computer Operator II
    • 03043 Computer Operator III (FS-4002a rev. 9/01/06)

Physical Requirements/Working Environment
  • None

  • None


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Security Clearance

NO Security Clearance

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