Sep 21, 2019

Munitions Support Equipment (MSE) Maintenance Technician

  • DynCorp International LLC
  • Kabd - Sulaibiyah Road, Kuwait
Full-Time Defense Facilities Logistics Program Management Transportation

Job Description

Job Summary

The Munitions Support Equipment (MSE) Maintenance Technician inspects, maintains, and services assigned non-powered Munitions Materiel Handling Equipment (MMHE). Operates WRMMS, IMDS, and MC2 as part of routine duties in accordance with applicable technical standards. Carries out all duties in accordance with DynCorp ISO 9001, 4001 Quality and Safety Standards.

Principal Accountabilities
  • Understand and consistently observe applicable AFOSH and security standards during all maintenance operations in assigned site and TDY locations.
  • In the event of an emergency, take necessary actions to stabilize the situation.
  • Safely operate diversified test, handling and towing equipment.
  • Understand and perform basic inventory standards to account for all resources.
  • Perform the assigned maintenance workload in accordance with established technical and QMS directives.
  • Maintains all assigned equipment to maximum, serviceable standards in accordance with USAF technical data, including corrosion control, to meet minimum critical levels at all times.
  • Ensure all WRM MMHE assets are fully serviceable in accordance with standards when work orders closed.
  • Repair/fabricate MMHE containers in accordance with military specifications.
  • Use technical data and complete the required documentation in accordance with T.O.00-5-2 and 00-20 Series.
  • Document equipment records IAW T.O. 00-20-1; process appropriate transaction in WRMMS until IMDS/ is fully implemented; update applicable MC2 MSEM folders.
  • Prepare and configures MMHE for air, sea, and surface transportation.
  • Submit timely and accurate completion of all serviceability records.
  • Store tools, replacement bench and operational stock.
  • Inspect and perform minor maintenance on facilities and installed equipment.
  • Maintain shelf life items (lubricants, paint, etc.) to include availability of MSDS for assets.
  • Maintain assigned vehicles, equipment and facilities.
  • Clean vehicles, equipment and facilities.
  • Assist the AGE Team with minor maintenance actions as directed by the MSEM Crew Chief.
  • Perform other functions as directed by MSEM Crew Chief, AGE Superintendent. Work overtime as required.

Knowledge & Skills
  • Knowledge of the USAF Supply and Tech Order systems. Prior MMHE experience preferred.
  • Knowledge of IMDS and MC2 SharePoint Database.
  • Computer literate. Normal color perception and depth of vision.
  • Must be capable of obtaining a host nation driver's license.

Experience & Education
  • Four years' experience on Military Munitions; combined experience on USAF storage, maintenance and inspection procedures, to include IMDS, MC2, CAS, for MMHE and Munitions.
  • US Secret Security Clearance required

Physical Requirements/Working Environment
  • Physically capable of performing all required duties in hot weather conditions
  • Capable of lifting 50 lbs and perform extensive work using handling/lifting equipment

  • Available as needed for temporary duties at other locations


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