Sep 19, 2019

Aircrew Survival Equipment Technician I

  • DynCorp International LLC
  • Milton, FL, USA
Full-Time Defense Facilities Logistics Program Management Transportation

Job Description

Job Summary

Performs organizational level maintenance on aviator's personal survival equipment and aircraft installed safety/survival equipment in accordance with applicable manuals, publications, directives and instructions. Includes removal, replacement, repair and modification of aircraft and/or aircraft survival equipment systems and components. Required to inspect, troubleshoot, repair, maintain and perform organizational level calendar inspections on aviator's personal survival equipment and aircraft installed safety/survival equipment.

Principal Accountabilities
  • Performs tasks as assigned/directed in accordance with instructions, applicable technical data, manuals and directives.
  • Ensures that all parts/components removed from an aircraft are properly documented by either a valid Maintenance Action form and Job Control Number or an entry into NALCOMIS OOMA, ensuring repairable, serviceable or unserviceable parts are properly tagged and turned in and/or disposed of.
  • Evaluates aircraft discrepancies to identify methods of repair and/or replacement. Identifies necessary parts, material and tooling requirements.
  • Must be ordnance certified in accordance with CNATRAINST 8023.1F and meet the training requirements specified in CNATRAINST 4790.2 series.
  • Issues and receives aircrew survival equipment.
  • Utilize manufacturer's maintenance manuals, service bulletins, Maintenance Engineering Directives, Maintenance Requirement Cards, Technical Directives, ANAVAIR Instructions, schematics, drawings, blueprints, charts and other applicable publications to remove, replace repair, test and modify assigned systems.
  • Prepare Joint Discrepancy Reporting System (JDRS), VFS Trace, CAD/PAD, and NALCOMIS OOMA documentation for applicable survival equipment.
  • Comply with and follow established standards of workmanship, safety, quality and production.
  • Issue and receive flight gear, including measuring and sizing.
  • Initiate and update check out/return records.
  • Maintain and perform calendar inspections on oxygen mask assemblies, flotation devices, helmets, survival vests, torso harnesses, anti-g suits, oxygen regulators and other related safety/survival equipment.
  • Rig, fit, modify and repair aviators' personal survival equipment.
  • Remove, inspect and install ordnance and explosive devices.
  • Construct fabric items using sewing machine and performs hand tacking on fabrics.
  • Remove, install and repair slide fasteners, grommets, snap fasteners and Velcro closures on personal survival equipment and other fabrics.
  • Install and test emergency radios in survival vests.
  • Brief and debrief flight personnel on use and condition of survival equipment.
  • Assist as directed to ensure safety, security and preservation of government/company owned equipment.
  • Maintain NALCOMIS OOMA ALSS VED for accountability and tracking inspection dates for all associated survival equipment.
  • Assist supervisory personnel in ALSS inventories.
  • Perform conditional and special inspections of installed safety/survival equipment.
  • Comply with all applicable programs, including Safety, Foreign Object Damage (FOD), Hazardous Communications, Egress Familiarization, Aviators Breathing Oxygen (ABO), Corrosion Control and Tool Control.
  • Provide and maintain own hand tools as prescribed by minimum tool list.
  • Participates in the proper maintenance and cleanliness of spaces and facilities.
  • Must work harmoniously with other employees, promoting teamwork and cooperation.
  • Adjust, maintain and perform minor repairs on sewing machines.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills
  • Possess a working knowledge of CNAF INST 4790.2, NAVAIR 11-100-1.1, 13-1-6 series manuals and other applicable maintenance/technical manuals.
  • Must have a working knowledge of aircrew survival equipment and applicable explosive devices.
  • Must be able to read, write, understand and communicate the English language and follow verbal and written instruction.

Experience & Education
  • Completion of U.S. Navy Aircrew Survival Equipmentman "A" school or equivalent Air Force or Army MOS course.
  • Graduation from high school or GED required.
  • Must be able to meet any Government /Company licensing/qualification requirements for the position.
  • Must have two years' experience in aviator's personal survival equipment and aircraft installed safety/survival equipment maintenance.
  • Valid state driver's license required.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment
  • Requires sitting, standing and walking for extended periods of time.
  • Requires frequent climbing, bending, stooping, squatting, crawling, crouching, kneeling, lifting, carrying, balancing and reaching above shoulder level, pushing or pulling weight up to 70 pounds.
  • Must be physically qualified to handle ordnance.
  • Requires the ability to work shift work.
  • Diversity of working conditions that range from a standard shop type environment, where there may be no physical discomfort, to an environment where inclement weather may subject individual to severe changes in temperature, wind, rain, etc.
  • May be required to work in areas where high noise hazards prevail.
  • Will be required to wear protective clothing and other safety equipment.
  • Will be required to work with hazardous materials.


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