Sep 11, 2019

Munitions Control Section Supervisor

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  • Kabd - Sulaibiyah Road, Kuwait
Full-Time Defense Facilities Logistics Program Management Transportation

Job Description

Job Summary

The Munitions Control Section Supervisor plans, schedules and monitors the maintenance of War Reserve Material (WRM) live, inert, and dummy munitions, non-powered munitions support equipment, handling equipment, manning, and facility inspection requirements. Executes and oversees command-and-control actions of ongoing explosive operations. Operates the Combat Ammunition System (CAS) and Tactical Missile Reporting System (TMRS) to determine status of explosives assets and facilities. Uses the information for planning, scheduling and command/control actions in the MC2 system. Carries out all duties in accordance with DynCorp International ISO 9001, Quality and Safety Standards.

Principal Accountabilities

(Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract.)
  • Provides broad oversight of the Munitions Department's Control Functions to include all routine and contingency planning, workload and asset management, and production scheduling according to contractual responsibilities through the use of MC2 and other applicable data bases.
  • Oversees facilities, personnel, equipment, vehicle, and munitions resources status, capabilities and limitations that may impact mission accomplishment and confirms that MC2 is kept current at all times.
  • Promptly informs Munitions Superintendent of emergencies, problems, and limiting factors.
  • In coordination with Section Supervisors, manages the scheduling, Awaiting Maintenance (AWM), Awaiting Parts (AWP), and TCTO programs.
  • Oversees the overall AWM/AWP and TCTO programs and reviews them during the weekly scheduling meeting.
  • Plans, schedules and coordinates with Munitions Accountability Section and department/site's supply liaison on all TCTO requirements, as applicable.
  • Attends the Site's TCTO planning and reconciliation meetings for munitions assets and equipment.
  • Prepares or reviews the consolidated yearly, quarterly, monthly munitions maintenance and inspection forecasts and weekly munitions maintenance and inspection schedules prior to applicable scheduling meetings.
  • Maintains the delayed MC2 discrepancy file (AWM/AWP) on munitions items and equipment.
  • Coordinates with Munitions Accountability Section the status of actions taken for approved ADRs and the scheduled date of disposal/shipment.
  • Consolidates data for recurring reports and prepares them for submission to the Munitions Superintendent.
  • As required, attends monthly, weekly, and other scheduling meetings or ensures assigned scheduling personnel attend with the Deployed Forces Munitions Flight and incorporates the required support in the department's workload planning schedule.
  • Evaluates demands when they are received and translates requirements into prioritized support of the local Munitions Flight; informs Munitions Superintendent in the event of scheduling conflicts.
  • Establishes and maintains clear channels of communications and coordination with Deployed Forces Munitions Control Function and Flight Leadership.
  • Performs direct-input in CAS and ensures documents are routed in accordance with document flow procedures.
  • Manages keys and locks in accordance with AFI 21-201 for control of munitions structure keys, if applicable.
  • Develops, maintains and uses locally developed Emergency Action Check lists in coordination with the Deployed Forces Munitions Control Section.
  • Tracks work progress in MC2 of explosive operations to maintain status of the work force.
  • Notifies supporting activities before starting hazardous operations or evacuation/fire drills.
  • Notifies the Fire Department and Security Forces of any hazard class division 1.1 explosives movements outside the MSA or of changes in magazine contents affecting fire symbols or hazard symbols, CIIC and document notification.
  • Works necessary hours, to include stand-by duties, to support mission requirements during peacetime and combat contingencies.
  • Acts as the Munitions Systems Section Chief when directed in the individual's absence.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Munitions Superintendent/Munitions Systems Section Chief.

Knowledge & Skills
  • Knowledge of the USAF Supply, TMO, Munitions, and Tech Order systems.
  • Knowledge of munitions control and scheduling processes and procedures.
  • Have a working knowledge of all munitions functional areas.
  • Adapt well to stress and able to speak in a clear and concise manner.
  • Computer literate to include MC2, CAS, TMRS and IMDS.
  • Normal color perception and depth of vision.
  • Must be capable of obtaining a host nation driver's license.

Experience & Education
  • Six years' experience with Military Munitions specifically with USAF munitions storage, maintenance, control, and inspection procedures, to include the use of CAS, MC2, TMRS and IMDS for Munitions and MMHE.
  • Minimum two years supervisory experience.
  • US Secret Security Clearance required.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment
  • Work in deployment type environment.
  • Physically capable of meeting all requirements and performing all assigned duties.
  • Capable of lifting 50 lbs. and perform extensive work using handling/lifting equipment.
  • Ability to work outdoors for extended periods of time in hot weather environment.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally for required duties.


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