Sep 11, 2019

Ground Support Equipment Servicer

  • DynCorp International LLC
  • Guam
Full-Time Defense Facilities Logistics Program Management Transportation

Job Description

Job Summary

The Power Generation Mechanic (Ground Support Equipment Servicer) performs services on Ground Support Equipment (GSE), consisting of Power Generators up to one (1) MW and 4,160 volts, Welders, Mobile Aircraft Arresting Systems (MAAS), and Air Compressors.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Takes instructions from higher grade Ground Support Equipment Servicers and Mechanics, and assists other Ground Support Equipment Technicians in making needed services or repairs.

  • Advises and trains lower grade workers on servicing of Ground Support Equipment.

  • Inspects and completes maintenance service actions.

  • Uses automated maintenance data systems to monitor maintenance trends, analyze equipment requirements, maintain equipment records, and document maintenance actions, analyzes, diagnosis, and using conventional digital multi-meters, voltmeters, ohmmeters, frequency counters, oscilloscopes, circuit card testers, transistor testers, and hand tools.

  • Maintains external fuel and grounding systems

  • Performs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on GSE

  • Inspects, tests, and operates GSE to determine equipment serviceability and proper operation

  • Services equipment with fuel, oil, water, coolant, hydraulic fluid, and compressed air

  • Diagnoses mechanical and electronic circuitry malfunctions using visual and auditory senses, test equipment, and technical publications

  • Disassembles and assembles malfunctioning GSE accessories and components

  • Removes, disassembles repairs, cleans, treats for corrosion, assembles, and reinstalls GSE components and accessories, stencils and marks GSE in accordance with technical publications, stores, handles, labels, uses, and disposes of hazardous materials and waste in accordance with all state, local, and federal environmental standards and regulations.

  • Prepares GSE for storage and mobility deployment; and operates, cleans, inspects, and services GSE towing vehicles.

  • Maintaining vehicle records

  • Maintains and updates paper and electronic equipment records

  • Provides dispatch service for GSE, including positioning equipment to support aircraft maintenance and flying operations

  • Practices good housekeeping, tool control, Foreign Object Damage prevention, and safety at all times.

  • Perform other duties as requested.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Must have mechanical/technical skills appropriate for Intermediate level maintenance on ground support equipment to include troubleshooting, services, and operation of equipment.

  • Must have knowledge and proficiency in corrosion control methods for ground support equipment.

  • Advanced understanding and proficiency in the use of common hand tools, multimeters, and other specialize tools required for depot level maintenance of ground support equipment.

  • Ability to interpret drawings, wiring diagrams, schematics, and technical publications.

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office to include Word, Excel, and demonstrate the ability to use a computer to order parts, research data, and document maintenance electronically is required.

Experience & Education

  • Minimum high school diploma or equivalent.

  • Specialized training courses are highly desirable.

  • Bear Power Unit (BPU), 4,160 volts

  • Mobile Aircraft Arresting systems (MAAS)

  • Minimum of four (4) years actual and recent experience in maintenance, repair, modification, and corrosion control of ground support equipment is required.

  • Experience with power generation equipment required.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

• Must be able to lift 50 lbs.

• Will be required to climb and maneuver on equipment. Will include working on gear from work stands and working underneath gear on creepers. Will require working in tight quarters.

• Must be able to kneel, crouch, stoop, bend and twist at the waist, stand for extended periods, walk periodically throughout the shift, grip tools and wrenches, and operate hand controls and foot controls.

• May be exposed to heat and cold for extended periods during the work shift.

• May work inside building work bays on concrete floors and outside on concrete, asphalt or gravel tarmacs.

• May be required to wear a respirator and pass a physical exam.

• May be required to operate forklifts, hoists, and cranes and pass a physical exam to qualify.


  • May be required to travel to support Contractor Field Team deployments to conduct repairs, maintenance, modification and logistics support.


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