Jul 18, 2019

Reserve Analyst

$38,000 - $45,000 yearly
  • J. R. Frazer, Inc.
  • Palm Beach Area and 60 miles north and south of Palm Beach Area
Full-Time Construction Engineering

Job Description

Field visits to condominium buildings and or homeowner associations - 1 to 2 days. During the visit, the job entails measuring of the building, paving, roof and interior rooms (if any). We also visit and collect all data related to all of the association's assets which can include elevator rooms, fire pump stations, generators, lobbies, interior rooms & décor, etc.

Once all of this information is gathered, we derive a replacement costs for each item in the office, normal life of each of the assets and then the remaining life of each asset.  Based on this information, our report produces an Annual Contribution that the association needs to be collecting from their unit/homeowner to help fund the replacement of the assets of the association.

The person needs to have some general (common sense) knowledge of construction and some mechanical knowledge. Building engineering knowledge can also be helpful.  We DO NOT do inspections of these assets. Full training will be provided - 30 to 60 days.

Once the information is gathered, the reserve analyst will create a report in the office which can take another 1 to 2 days depending upon the size of the project.  Some projects are smaller and others can be larger.

The person needs to have knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word.  They also need to have common sense in the basic math functions.

A lot of potential for growth in this position for salary increases once the person has grasped the job responsibilities and duties.

Occasionally, the person will need to have either conference calls and or do a personal visit back to the site to present and answer questions about the report that is produced for the association members and or board members. 


Special Education,   Civil & Structural Engineering,   General-Other: Engineering,   Mechanical Engineering,   General-Other: Installation-Maintenance-Repair,   Cost Estimating,   Building-Construction Inspection,   Claims Review and Adjusting,   Electrician,   General-Other: Construction-Skilled Trades,   Roofing,   Surveying  



Security Clearance

NO Security Clearance

Job Requirements

Knowledge of general construction and some knowledge in mechanical - both not required and willing to train.

General knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word.

Communication skills

Measuring of buildings is required and will train if needed.

Willing to work outdoors in and indoors - almost equal time.

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