Jul 01, 2019

QC and Metrology Manager

  • The J. K. Kalb Co., Inc.
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Job Description

In January to February of 2020 we will be looking for a QC and Metrology working manager with hands on experience in calibration procedures for Hand held field test equipment used by Industrial Technicians in the field. Torque Wrench, calibration and repair, pressure and temperature calibrations as needed and subsequent certifications. 

The manager will be in charge of implementing and keeping the company in compliance with 3rd party Accreditation Entities,  that will occur on a yearly basis. This process and program will be done in a collaborative effort amongst fellow employees as needed but an experience Metrology positioned employee with extensive enough Military and Electrical testing skills will have a key role in the overall team support within the company. 


Documentation-Technical Writing,   Electrical-Electronics Engineering,   Mechanical Engineering,   Computer-Electronics-Telecomm Install-Maintain-Repair,   Equipment Install-Maintain-Repair,   IT Project Management,   Operations-Plant Management,   Marketing Communications,   Project Management,   General-Other: R&D-Science  





Security Clearance

Requires Security Clearance

Job Requirements

Candidate must have Extensive enough experience to be comfortable in most Calibration and recertifications of Hand held electronic field process calibrators, Torque wrench repair, testing and certifying. Also Pressure and Temperature field devices. Many utilizing Hart Protocol communicators. Dimensional test, verifying and certifying by way of a Pratt & Whitney Super Mic.

Ablity to work with various skill levels of employees within the company in a friendly and intended helpful way. 

QC and Implementing 3rd party Quality systems as a collaborative effort amongst fellow employees. Managing the yearly Audits and processes that keep us in compliance throughout the year as needed.

R&D for adding additional testing, calibration and certifying of customer driven needs in most cases. Things that we don't do in house that we 3rd party as part of our customer service currently. 

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