May 28, 2019

Seeking disciplined U.S. Army Veteran to help hold people accountable with morning phone calls

$20.00 hourly
  • Habit Nest
Part-Time Consultant

Job Description

Hi all, and thank you for your service. I run Habit Nest, a small startup built around using hard work and discipline to build better habits, for example, our Morning Sidekick Journal -

We are launching a paid service where we (you) will call people at their designated wake-up time every single day for a month.

You will assure they are starting their day off proactively, on time, and in the best way possible.

You will be calling each person once a day and texting them 1-2 times as well. Our mission is to help hold people accountable to the best versions of themselves and we will not rest until doing so.

We will provide a texting service so you will not have to use your personal phone #.

You will be working with our cofounders directly to make this all happen as we learn the best process for this.

About me: My name is Mikey, you can read my story here:


  1. A burning passion for becoming the best version of yourself and wanting to help others to do the same
  2. Extremely high amounts of discipline, able to wake up when needed to give others their wake up calls and NEVER miss a day, no matter what
  3. The flexibility to try different approaches to see what works best for different people
  4. An understanding that people are individualized and the same approach will NOT work for every person
  5. NOTE: The #1 MOST important thing we look for in any candidate is COMMUNICATION.


  1. You will work roughly 10 hours a week to start, with potential to grow to 40 hours a week as time goes on
  2. You can work from home or anywhere you feel most comfortable
  3. Pay is $20/hr


Mental Health  


Outside US,   AL,   AK,   AZ,   AR,   CA,   CO,   CT,   DE,   DC,   FL,   GA,   GU,   HI,   ID,   IL,   IN,   IA,   KS,   KY,   LA,   ME,   MD,   MA,   MI,   MN,   MS,   MO,   MT,   NE,   NV,   NH,   NJ,   NM,   NY,   NC,   ND,   OH,   OK,   OR,   PA,   PR,   RI,   SC,   SD,   TN,   TX,   UT,   VT,   VI,   VA,   WA,   WV,   WI,   WY  

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