May 14, 2019

Herdsperson Trainee/Laborer

  • Smithfield Foods
  • Powersville, MO 64672, USA
General Labor Inventory Logistics Management Transportation Warehouse

Job Description

Grow Finish/Nursery Production
Nursery /Finish- Somerset (rural Mercer County)
DESCRIPTION: Responsible for the daily tasks associated with managing complex units. Responsible for managing inventories, cost, proper biosecurity precautions and production performance. Responsibilities include, but are not limited:
• Manages animal health and husbandry, environment control, feed management, hospital pen management, culling, sorting, and safety procedures
• Reports potential or existing problems to Production Supervisor/Assistant Production Supervisor
• Ensures proper usage of medication following the drug residue avoidance/Broken needle policies, along with keeping accurate records of data
• Responsible for performing AM and PM Inspections of lagoons/risers
• Unloading/sorting of wean pigs according to weekly schedules
• Some maintenance work is required, along with troubleshooting problems with equipment and filling out work orders
• Responsible for accurate and timely record keeping of nursery activities
• Responsible for animal health and welfare and reporting
• Performs euthanasia according to company policy, and in a timely manner
• Responsible for responding to the farm when there is a problem with Hi/Low alarms, or Johnson Control malfunctions
• Responsible for accurate inventory counts on all animals



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