Feb 06, 2019


  • EPS Corporation
  • Patrick Air Force Base, FL, USA
Full-Time Information Technology (IT)

Job Description

Mid-Level Storage Administration (SA)

The contractor shall be responsible for all mid-level storage administration of the Test, Development and Services enclave, in support of all systems in the Network. The contractor shall perform the following tasks:

  • Document and present storage criteria and specifications for system modification and the criteria for testing of new equipment and specifications. Support network tests to validate interoperability changes on the operational network and report and provide mitigation plans on any CCRI findings.
  • Provide technical support for NetApp storage systems, VMware vSAN, StorageTEK tape libraries, and current backup software. Ensure storage compliance with all current and future DOD and AF policies as they apply to hardware/software configuration and approval requirements throughout the lifecycle of the system/software and meet Info Tech Systems Security Risk Management Certification and Accreditation, certification and accreditation standards. Use NetApp or VMware tools to monitor storage system performance, as well as gather historical records of this performance to create effective storage subsystem performance presentations. This data will be used to present factual statistical data to represent perceived performance issues. Communicate storage subsystem performance to customers identifying real and perceived performance problems.
  • Optimize storage performance using NetApp and VMware vSAN tools, and recommend corrective actions to any real and perceived performance problems. Collaborate with team members to derive a collectively agreed upon course of action while informing the team lead. Adjust all performance settings of individual storage appliances, software, data replication, snapshots, and backup configurations in order to optimize storage.
  • Maintain storage by the daily monitoring and reporting of any hardware or software faults. Address storage reporting by opening internal service tickets and remediate faults that are locally fixable. Problem tickets shall be escalated by opening service tickets with appropriate vendor support (vendor’s telephone and field support personnel to resolution). Report storage fault trends to the team lead.No job description available



Security Clearance

Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI)

Job Requirements

Mid-Level Storage Administration shall be NetApp Data Administrator Certified and VMware Certified.


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