Oct 29, 2018

LCAT: Program Logistician Level: II Albany, GA

  • Carter-Lambert Divisions
  • Albany, GA
Full-Time Defense Government Logistics Other

Job Description

LCAT: Program Logistician

Level: II

GS Equivalent: 9

Requiring Office: Joint Enterprise Fielding and Surveillance (JEFS)
Team: Staff

Support Location: Albany, GA – On-site

# of FTEs: 2

Sub-Title: Logistics Analyst

Clearance: Public Trust


Experience and/or Certifications Required

  • Three (3) to five (5) years CBRND or relevant experience.


Performance Based Tasks Required

  • Provides logistics management and analytical support for the JEFS.
  • Plan and coordinate the logistical actions required to support JEFS projects.
  • Provides support to higher-level Logisticians.
  • Adheres to DoD Acquisition and Life-cycle Management policies and procedures.
  • Assists with the development and staffing of logistics documents (e.g. Life Cycle Sustainment Plans, Maintenance Plans, Fielding Plans, In-Service Management Plans, etc.).
  • Assists in conducting logistics analyses (e.g. supportability analysis, Level of Repair Analysis, risk assessments, RAM-C analyses, Business Case Analyses, etc.).
  • Assists in developing and coordinating reports.
  • Develops conference or meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Tracks action items:
  • Modernization Program (LMP)
  • Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP)
  • Army Equipping Enterprise System (AE2S)
  • Web Federal Logistics Information System (WEBFLIS)
  • Decision Support Tool (DST)

Performance Based Tasks Required

  • The contractor shall assist the Property Book Officer (PBO) with property accountability actions that include maintaining asset visibility; data cleanup, update Accountable Property System of Record (APSR), and equipment transfers.
  • The contractor shall attend trainings/meetings, conduct briefings, and workshops pertaining to property accountability.
  • The contractor shall assist the PBO with annual, installation, change of command and special inventories, and prepare/submit reports with the findings.
  • The contractor shall provide assistance with reconciling hand receipts, cataloging property, maintaining property book records, managing inventories, lateral transfers, and the management of excess property.
  • The contractor shall use and apply Army Regulations: AR 710-2, Supply Policy Below the National Level and AR 735-5, Property Accountability Policies.
  • The contractor shall develop, analyze, and validate/recommend sustainment elements and supportability requirements for acquisition effort.
  • The contractor shall conduct property accountability oversight of Government Furnished Property/Government Furnished Material (GFP/GFM) in possession of contractors with DCMA.  In addition, the contractor shall conduct ad hoc inventory of GFP/GFM.
  • The contractor shall conduct logistical analyses to identify, define, and document acquisition program integrated product support requirements.
  • The contractor shall interface and coordinate supportability efforts to facilitate and resolve complex logistical issues.
  • The contractor shall attend the Army Audit Readiness Trainings and meetings scheduled throughout the course of the year. Army Audit Readiness Trainings and meetings provide the PBOs an opportunity for direct feedback on audit procedures and work products provided by the JPM P.  If the contractor is unable to attend, the JPM P PBO will review work products with the contractor one week prior to the trainings to convey the current status of on-going projects.
  • The contractor shall attend working level Integrated Product Teams (IPTs). 
  • The contractor shall attend the Property Accountability IPT on a monthly basis.
  • The contractor shall provide input to Existence &Completeness (E&C) Audit integrated master schedule (IMS) in conjunction with PBO and updates
  • The contractor shall enter required data into appropriate Automated Information Technology (AIT) Systems within 1 to 5 business days of receipt by email from the PBO and shall maintain current data. 
  • The contractor shall notify the PBO by email of all data entry errors immediately upon discovery. The contractor shall perform corrective action on identified deficiencies found during reconciliation and correct within 1 to 5 business days.
  • The contractor shall provide assistance with physical inventory and perform corrective action to identified deficiencies found during reconciliation.
  • The contractor shall capture complete data for all physical inventory items including nomenclature, national stock number, serial number, and any other field specified
  • The contractor shall participate in In-Process Reviews (IPRs), and program updates.
  • The contractor shall participate in all scheduled reviews and updates where at least two weeks’ notice is given unless written notification is provided that the contractor cannot attend.
  • The contractor shall provide input in the form of complete and accurate briefing slides or updated documentation.


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Security Clearance

Public Trust

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