Mar 23, 2018

Ironworking Opportunities and Training -NC , SC, FL

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Job Description

What is Ironworking?

An Ironworker works comfortably at heights that often reach 50 feet or higher. Before construction can begin, the structural Ironworkers put together the cranes that will be used to lift the steel columns, beams, and girders according to blueprints to erect a structure. To hoist the steel, structural Ironworkers use cables connected to the crane to lift the beams onto the steel columns. A rope called a tagline is attached to the beams so an Ironworker can control the beams if necessary. The crane hoists steel into place, and the Ironworkers position the beams in place with spud wrenches to align bolt holes. Then, the beams can be bolted to the steel columns. This process is continued until there are no beams or columns left to construct the structure. Structural Ironworkers also erect joist girders, bar joists, trusses and install metal decking.

The typical structural Ironworker tools are the spud wrench, bolt bag, sleever bars, bull pins, drift pins and beaters. The spud wrench is the most important tool of a structural Ironworker because it serves dual purposes. It is a wrench to tighten bolts, and the opposite end of the wrench can be used to align holes of beams with columns. It is made from a steel alloy, and it has a gradual taper to easily align bolt holes on beams. The bolt bag is a heavy canvas bag used for storing bolts and nuts that erect a structure. A sleever bar is a steel alloy bar used to pry on beams to put them in place, when a spud wrench is insufficient. A beater is forged steel head mallet with a lacquered hickory handle for beating a tapered pin or bull pin into the bolt hole to align the others at the beam end or “point” and stuff the rest of the holes. Drift pins have a tapper on both ends and get to be the largest diameter in the center. Are used for aligning holes made up of multiple plates.

New opportunities in North and South Carolina, Florida and Corpus Christi, TX. Contact us for more information.

Adaptive Construction Solutions provides innovative workforce development solutions by leveraging the experience and competence of Veterans from the US Armed Forces. ACS operates a registered group non joint apprenticeship for ironworking. The program is credentialed by NCCER and approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Currently, ACS is focused on providing opportunities to transitioning Service Members and the Veteran community. Eligible Veterans are authorized to utilize their GI Bill benefits to receive a monthly housing allowance in addition to their competitive wages. The combination of income provides journey level compensation during the apprenticeship. The Texas Gulf Coast Workforce Board and its affiliate, Workforce Solutions has provided ACS guidance and resources. The collaborative effort has created opportunities for hundreds of Veterans in the region.

Competitive salaries with aggressive pay scales

Work in the same location where you and your family live or choose to travel

Fast track promotions for the motivated individuals

Train and work with Veterans

The day you start training, is the day you are hired

Access to Veteran resources and experts




Qualifying candidates will be placed with an employer before you start training



Once set in your new position, ACS will train you at no cost to you



Our training will give you real skills allowing you to get to work with your new team

Job Requirements:

"visit our website and fill out the questionnaire under the applicant tab, we use this for tracking and recruiting purposes. Once it is completed, a recruiter will reach out immediately. Once contacted, you may ask any questions or concerns you may have about the program and Adaptive Construction Solutions, Inc.  You can also research the duties/job description of commercial/structural ironworkers/Electricians , look through our website or visit our Facebook page /ACSTexas to learn more.
 Thank you for your interest and service to our country, we hope to work with you in the future."



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