Carylon Corporation

A Pioneer


In 1949, National Power Rodding Corp. (the first of the Carylon companies) saw a need for better sewer cleaning equipment than was available at that time. As a result, they developed and patented the world’s first heavy-duty "continuous rod" power rodder; an exceptional piece of machinery that proved to be far superior to anything on the market.

Innovative Solutions


Industrial plants and utility companies quickly saw the applications and benefits of our power-rodding service. They began contracting with us for the cleaning of blast-furnace stoves and rodding of underground utility ducts.

This added fuel to our enthusiasm for innovation. Soon thereafter, we became the first to research, develop and successfully use closed-circuit television to inspect sewers. By sending a specially designed television camera through the sewer we were able to locate causes of leaks and blockages without any excavation whatsoever. This new method of sewer inspection literally revolutionized the industry and is the basis for the present day maintenance of the world’s sewer infrastructure.

Often, while televising a sewer, it was apparent to us that the pipeline was structurally sound and didn’t need to be replaced if only its leaks could be successfully repaired from inside the pipe. This led us to design our own machines for still another innovative sewer maintenance procedure - internal pressure chemical grouting. Now, we not only could see the problem, we could solve it from inside the pipe without costly excavation.

Leading the Field


With the passing of the Water Pollution Control Act (PL 92-500) of 1972, our companies were again at the right place, at the right time. Our years of experience on-the-job and in designing special equipment proved to be invaluable. We knew what to do, how to do it, and had the physical resources already in place to ensure the work would be performed correctly, economically and on time. In the 1980s when laws were passed prohibiting the dumping of sludge into the oceans, our already equipped companies were among the first to provide municipalities with alternative dewatering and biosolids land application disposal methods.



Carylon companies were among the first to provide privatized disaster response; giving top priority to requests for assistance following any natural or man-made disaster. The first news flashes had hardly aired when all of our available men and equipment were mobilized and ready for the massive cleanup operations that followed the Johnstown, PA; New Orleans, LA; Waterbury, CT; and Salt Lake City, UT floods; the Los Angeles, CA earthquake; Galveston, TX hurricane; and Mt. St. Helen volcanic eruption.

We were among the first private contractors to respond when a tunnel beneath Chicago's Loop was breached, causing the flooding of the city's entire downtown area. When the call for help came, our response was swift and sure. We knew after such disasters one of the most important and difficult tasks facing a municipality was the rapid cleanup and restoration of its municipal services. Our vast resource of men, equipment and experience helped these and other disaster-stricken communities restore normality to the lives of their residents in the shortest time possible. Our men and equipment were also deployed to "ground zero" to aid in the mammoth cleanup operation following the devastating September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.



With its network of companies located throughout the U.S.A., the Carylon Corporation has grown to become the largest and most experienced industrial & municipal specialized maintenance contractor in the country. More than 50 years later, we are still operating under the same principles as when we first opened our doors. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service available anywhere, and approach each and every job with the same enthusiasm and pride as if it were our first.

Guaranteed Results


When you select a Carylon company to solve your environmental maintenance problems, you can rest assured you made the correct choice. Whether your project calls for the use of one man and one piece of equipment, or multi-disciplinary crews and a fleet of specialized equipment, we can do the job, and do it right. And, we don't just say we can - we guarantee it. All of our work is backed by a guarantee that is unmatched in our industry: You must be completely satisfied or you pay absolutely nothing.