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Hamon Deltak excels in the engineering and manufacture of technically-challenging combustion turbine heat recovery steam generators and waste heat boilers for process applications.

By operating within these two distinctly different, but related disciplines, we are able to deliver significant advantages to our customers.

For example, our experience with waste heat boilers for varied waste heat streams and processes provides unique insight into tricky problems sometimes found on HRSG applications. Conversely, our broad exposure to the challenges of cycling in HRSGs, has benefited our waste heat customers. This cross-fertilization of experience and insight is unique in the boiler industry.

We have vast international engineering experience. At last count, we’ve worked with over 22 foreign codes and produced equipment for over 30 countries. Perhaps the strongest endorsement of our abilities comes from our customers: about 80% of our business is from repeat customers or referrals from individuals who have moved from one customer company to another.
An Engineering-Driven Culture

We employ an unusually high number of Professional Engineers:

  •     17% of Hamon Deltak’s total workforce are degreed engineers (counting both office and plant employees.)
  •     All the Product Managers, Application Engineers and Estimators involved in your heat recovery equipment proposal will be degreed engineers.

Hamon Deltak invests in engineering talent because it makes a difference for our customers. We make the effort to truly understand your situation’s technical issues up front. And because many, if not most of our projects have unusual technical challenges, we believe you deserve to be speaking to engineers...right from the beginning.

Hamon Deltak offers a fully integrated fabrication solution to meet our Customer’s Project requirements. Our custom built facility in Plymouth, Minnesota gives us the opportunity to manufacture in our own shop and to outsource domestically or internationally. Hamon Deltak has manufactured more than 1500 Waste Heat Boilers and HRSG’s. This experience allows us to provide excellent technical supervision and assistance to our local fabrication partners anywhere in the world.

Hamon Deltak’s Supply Chain has the experience to source internationally ensuring effective management and execution of our projects worldwide.

****Hamon Deltak is committed to equal opportunity in all hiring practices.  EOE/M/F/D/V.****

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