Clover Business Solutions
Clover Business Solutions represents the combined strength and resources of a number of leading specialty staffing services desks that cover job opportunities all over the world. Originally founded by a career IT Recruiter and Account Manager, the company has continued a pattern of growth and innovation designed to enhance customer service and ensure effective results by offering the experience, expertise and resources our clients require.
Linking the value of tradition with the energy and innovation of the Internet, Clover has created one of today's leading forces in specialty staffing. An outstanding provider of both traditional and web-enabled solutions, as our Recruiters have tapped into deep pools of talent through data mining efforts. By combining years of client relationships built on personal respect with the most advanced Internet technology, Clover has created an exciting new business model. But advanced technology is only one of the many tools our staffing specialists use to provide personal service and improve client satisfaction.
The Clover Business Solutions methodology - a balanced combination of experienced Professionals and striving for Recruitment Life Cycle Process Excellence - means we have what it takes to provide the staffing solution at just the right time for our clients. From online résumés and job postings to interactive interviews, job placements and career counseling strategies, Clover has the experience and resources to make quality matches for both our candidates we represent and clients we support globally.