Asphalt Specialists, Inc


ASI is a “full service” paving company. Our experienced personnel and extensive fleet of trucks & equipment are designed to provide the “muscle & brain” for our projects – small to large, reconstruction or new! Asphalt paving for new or rehabilitation projects, excavation, or aggregate placement – we do it all. ASI has been providing our customers with exceptional service since 1987. As a family owned business, ASI has built a reputation of excellence, specializing in all aspects of asphalt paving.  
Our “Never Say Can’t” attitude combined with the best people in the industry team up to provide outstanding customer satisfaction. An exceptional paving job begins with a proper plan. Before starting construction, we carefully measure, analyze, and consider each facet of a job from start to finish. With over two decades of experience, we have the knowledge, the proper procedures, and all the necessary resources to ensure each job we do is executed correctly, and completed on schedule.