Heartland Payment Systems

Working For Heartland Payment Systems


Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. (NYSE: HPY) provides debit, prepaid, and credit card processing, online payments, check processing, payroll services and a growing line of industry solutions for small to mid-sized merchants. Heartland Payment Systems is currently the fifth largest credit card processor in the United States and the 9th in the world. Founded by Robert O. Carr in 1997, Heartland Payment Systems is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey. There are also offices nationally in Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Oregon, Indiana, and Ohio.

We build our business through a network of sales people across the country working in the communities where they live.  As employees of Heartland Payment Systems, our reps are well trained and our managers are invested in their success.  We look for quality, ethical people who have the drive and ambition to work hard to be successful.

Our pay structure is commission based and it is not unusual for a new rep to make their first sale within their first two weeks.  You will be paid on residuals for as long as you and your customers are active at Heartland.  That is how so many Heartland Relationship Managers have built significant wealth for themselves and  their families.  And, as an employee of Heartland, you don't need to worry about anything but going out and building relationships with customers. 

We are proud to make these opportunities available to our returning young men and women who so proudly served our country.  If you have the same "get the job done" attitude at Heartland as you did in the battle field, we want to talk with you.